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Ava & Mae: The Fabulous Fashion Show


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This story illustrates what one can do with hard work, support, and determination.

In Ava & Mae: The Fabulous Fashion Show by Brittney Dias, two sisters learn the importance of taking risks and asking for helping hands.

Mae loves to draw in her backyard, mainly in fashion designs. She's bringing back shoulder pads. (Adults of a specific age range can remember when those were a must-have item in your closet.) She creates bold designs, some silly and some fancy. Ava, Mae's sister, has the brilliant idea to showcase Mae's creations in a fashion show. I loved the show of family support! 

The duo had a lot to do in preparation for the grand show. Each step shows the magnitude of the project, their determination and hard work, teamwork, ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and their success as young entrepreneurs. 

Children will encounter "venue " during the first step," highlighted in red. This word might be new to some young readers. The sentence following the potentially new term clues them into its meaning. 

As the two sisters move through each phase (step), more words are offset in red. If a child is stuck on any red word, Brittney Dias (author) has included a vocabulary page after the book's conclusion. Not every red word will stump them, but a guide is a valuable tool if they can't decipher a meaning using context clues. 

Ava & Mae: The Fabulous Fashion Show might inspire more children to become young entrepreneurs. This story might encourage teachers to create a group project where students "start a new business" or follow the guide in the book to run their fashion show. Whether you read it for fun or as a lead into a class project, school-age readers will adore this book. 

While some terminology might be too advanced for two and three-year-olds, they'll still love the beautiful and diverse illustrations by iman Purnell. 

This book is perfect for home or school use. 

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Are you ready for the Fabulous Fashion Show?

Ava & Mae are two sisters to believe they can do anything they set their minds to.
Mae has a passion for designing clothes. When her sister, Ava, sees her designs, she has a brilliant idea- a Back-To-School Fashion Show!

But wait- they’ve never run a fashion show before!
Will the audience like Mae’s designs?
Will they even have an audience?
How will they learn to sew?

In Ava & Mae: The Fabulous Fashion Show, these sisters learn the importance of taking risks and asking for helping hands.

Brittney Dias and Iman Purnell use humor, surprises, and playful illustrations to inspire their readers to follow their dreams.

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About the author

Brittney Dias is an author from Tacoma, Wa. As a daughter of an educator, she has a passion for the next generation. In 2021 She earned a B.S. in Public Health from the University of Washington and co-founded Looking Lens, where she creates stories that empower and inspire Black & Brown children. view profile

Published on December 13, 2022

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