At the End of the World


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This fantasy explores the power of human connection, feelings, values, and experiences through time and space.

At the End of the World promises magic on every page, but the humanity of its characters inspires far more wonder. Everyone that ends up living in the End of the World loses their home, family, and friends, usually accidentally. They are forced to adjust to a city that exists outside of the time and space they understand, and with a unique system for determining wealth. For some arriving with cell phones and cars, it feels like a step back in time; for others arriving on foot or horseback from centuries before, the integration of modern ideas and attitudes (think racism, sexism, etc.) feels like more than a giant leap forward. The city also doesn't run on any money found in Earth's history, but has a system of earning "chips" that values compassion above all else. Using these circumstances, Fellows gives readers an opportunity to examine human connection and kindness.

Fellows' obvious talents are his world-building and his prose. In fact, a few moments even made me pause to appreciate them fully. The "Notes of a Traveller" that opened each chapter always needed a reread or two to appreciate its meaning and his brilliance. He also avoided the holes and awkwardness that can often be found in fantasy books almost entirely. A few explanations of magic seemed a little rushed and forced, but mostly his world was well thought out and explained.

Above all, I have to return to the idea of human connection. Fellows wrote a lot of great relationships into his book, which I find particularly important when it comes to fantasy. The excitement and fascination with a made-up world must be accompanied by the feelings of empathy and understanding, because most (if not all) lovers of books pick them up for the latter. Fellows nailed the balance of the two, in addition to the level of rising conflict throughout.

In terms of historical facts and accuracy, I felt the book was somewhat lacking. However, the details that were included were great and I could tell Fellows did his research. The merging of that many timelines, mindsets, and technology might be nearly impossible at any rate, but it was something that nagged at me once in while.

This is a great read for any fantasy lover, and I would dare say even some readers that normally steer clear.

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Nico Walks to the End of the World

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I’m a novelist and poet of fantasy and speculative fiction. My debut novel is At the End of the World available everywhere. I live in the desert southwest, but was born in New Hampshire. I struggle with my guitar, run, and bike, each less than I should. view profile

Published on October 21, 2020

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