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“Life is a journey to somewhere, and your level of preparedness will dictate which road you take, and which destination is your outcome.”

Wuan D. Miller is a spiritual leader, mentor, trainer of trainers, and a ministry specialist. He has written Aspire to Grow: Nine Ways to Grow into Who God Created You to Be for those who might be struggling to live a mature Christian life. He hopes to encourage people to Aspire to Grow in their relationship with Christ.

Aspire to Grow is broken down into four parts, with several sections under each heading. It is not broken down into your typical chapters. The four sections are: the reality of spiritual growth, aspire to worship, aspire to witness, and aspire to withdraw. Miller explains how to aspire is a three-step process of being intentional with three Biblical pillars: worship, witness, and withdraw, while expanding on them to help the reader find success in their progress to spiritual maturity.

Miller has quite a few quotable statements throughout the book. He states that many believers are “rooted more in service (ushers, greeters, outreach, choirs, community development, etc.) than seeking (personal study, fasting, meditation, etc.).” His point is that while both are important, there must be a balance. Another statement that resonated with me was “With God, rest is a function of completion.”

I found this book to be a quick read. Miller has added thought-provoking questions and comments throughout each chapter. He has also put questions at the end of the chapter for the reader to pause and process what they have read. By setting the book up in this way, it could easily be used as a devotional book; by reading and reflecting on a section a day.

There were a few things that bothered me while I was reading.  This book is mostly written in third-person and as academic writing uses “one” or “the reader” instead of personal pronouns. While I understand the point of that, I feel this kind of book should be personal. It is about growing in our relationship with Christ, personal pronouns would be appropriate. The overuse of both terms was a distraction to me. The other thing that bothered me was quite a few typos, misspelled words, and indention errors.

Aspire to Grow has nine ways to help you grow in your spiritual maturity. This book is saturated with Scripture and Miller took the time to add a work cited page to this book, which is always a positive to me, with this kind of writing. It adds a little extra and the reader can choose to research the ideas further with this information. I would recommend this book to anyone who might be struggling in their Christian faith, or who just wants a good Bible study book or a closer walk with Christ.

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Hi! I'm Wuan, and I write for those who love the teachings of the Bible, and are greatly inspired by it, yet who have trouble living it out in a fast-paced, contemporary world. I focus on topics related to Christian living and spiritual growth to help others become who God created them be. view profile

Published on January 24, 2021

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