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Ascension of the Phoenix


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Detective Leila Wells is a powerhouse, but when a serial killer changes her life forever, she has to reevaluate her whole life.

"Out of the ashes the phoenix rises; a phoenix must die to be reborn. You're a phoenix. You find strength in destruction."

Detective Leila Wells has everything figured out, her life is going well and she is damn good at her job. When a serial killer that's been on her radar returns and changes her life forever, she has to find a new outlet for her rage. She becomes engrossed in the world of street fighting and gets invited to a tag tournament. Leila is trying to move on, but things are not right here, has someone brought everyone here for a reason? Leila has to find out.

"When death comes into someone's life, the fake tears wash away façades and reveal their true selves. But you had no mask to wash away; your tears just dried to shield your lamenting soul."

Ascension of the Phoenix is a book I was not expecting. I started it with the outlook of another detective story all about revenge. I was not expecting to find a story about an incredibly strong, fierce, loyal, and completely bad-ass woman learning to find herself again. Revenge is a theme that floats throughout the story, but it isn't the full focus and it made Leila's character more likable. The story started a little slow and took awhile to find its footing, having to explain the intricacies of Leila's life. I found myself shocked and enthralled when the setting changed to a fighting tournament. Since I know next to nothing about fighting and the many different styles there are, I found myself comparing the storyline with my love of fighting games, the likes of Mortal Kombat and Tekken. I loved the explanation of all the different fights, I felt like I was in the crowd cheering the competitors on. Piro did a wonderful job expressing the different ways people grieve and showing the different ways grief can change a person. I enjoyed how the voice in Leila's head changed and kept trying to help her become who she needed to be but didn't like the idea that it kept referring to a man that could come into her life and help put her pieces back together. As if the thought of her being able to put herself back together wasn't an option.

" A gentle murmur warmed her even more and gave her the strength to keep struggling against the doubts and insecurities she couldn't face."

I recommend this story to those who enjoy a book with a strong female lead and for those who enjoy different kinds of fighting. Maybe those with a love of fighting games like myself will find the same joy I found while turning through the pages. I think Piro did a wonderful job creating characters you want to know more about, and I look forward to see what Leila gets up to in the coming sequels!

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Published on August 25, 2020

90000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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