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Short and fun, *Arrange Me* puts a modern spin on the somewhat out-of-fashion, usually historical trope of arranged marriages. Solid read.

*Arrange Me* is half of a duology, and while the main story arc is resolved, it ends on a mild cliffhanger and does not read as a complete story on its own. This is not a major problem as long as the reader is expecting it. Courtney is a great heroine, confident and direct. She identifies her goal and sets out to accomplish it, though her path is unconventional and no one in her life is supportive. Some readers, like Courtney's best friend, may find her path to marriage questionable or even absurd, and they may want to bypass this title.

Josh is a bit more of a mixed bag, but then in a way he has more at stake. Courtney makes her goal of marriage and kids crystal clear, and Josh has to decide if being with her is worth re-aligning his priorities. He has a few moments that feel a little less than heroic, but perhaps not untrue to life -- the point where he identifies his "type" as girls with "big tits and a kind heart" comes to mind.

The connection between the main characters is well done and has its own arc. These two have been friendly for some time but they both thought the other was only platonically interested. The difference in their lifestyle creates more tension: he's a struggling playwright, tending bar to pay the bills while she is a successful financial consultant, and from a wealthy family to boot. But the things they have in common make for a strong foundation beyond just a physical attraction. The romantic tension is a slow burn, developing a friendship first and then a well-crafted push-pull tease until they are finally together.

The secondary characters are a strong element, especially Courtney's best friend Dina. When Courtney gets the notion to have a marriage arranged, she consults Dina on the Indian tradition. Those scenes lend some depth to the story.

Overall, a solid story, especially if the premise sound fun and fresh to you.

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