Around The World with Moby- My First Trip!


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"Around The World with Moby- My First Trip!" by Muzna Kazim is a remarkable book that I recommend every family should read.

Adults have anxiety about traveling, so it's not a far leap to think children would suffer from the same issue. 

In Around The World with Moby- My First Trip! by Muzna Kazim, we meet Moby, an 8-year-old with autism who fears traveling. Moby's Mama tries to soothe his fears. She tells him the trip to Minneapolis is only temporary. She gives him a calendar so he can prepare for the upcoming event. She read him stories about plane rides. They watch videos together. His Mama's thoughtful and helpful ideas ease Moby's fear and anxiety. When they reach the airport, Mama has more tricks to help her autistic child through this sensory-overloading adventure. Now, Moby's Mama wasn't the only one helping Moby feel calm during the adventure. His Dad was there, discussing the mechanics of the plane, which kept Moby's mind at peace. What a blessed family!

The excursion was not smooth sailing. Bumps in the road will occur whether a child is on the autism spectrum or not. However, suppose they are, Around The World with Moby- My First Trip! gives parents valuable tools to help their child prepare for a trip, helps a child handle new experiences and challenges, and even shows families all the fun you can have in Minneapolis. There are even pages dedicated to when they came home. The 'after the trip" events were just as important as the 'let's prepare for the trip' sections. You don't have to have an autistic child to benefit from any idea in the book. All children feel stress over new situations! 

Around The World with Moby- My First Trip! by Muzna Kazim is a remarkable book. The illustrations by Rabindra Nath Barman were big, bold, and colorful and elevated an already fantastic story. 

I recommend that families and schools add this book to their libraries. 

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Moby is an awesome 8-year-old boy with autism. He suffers from travel anxiety. Moby is always scared to explore new things or new places. His parents were concerned that Moby is missing out on so many new learning opportunities, as he likes to just stay home and repeat the same schedule every single day. So, they decide to take him out on a short vacation to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The trip includes a 3-hour flight, a hotel-stay and exploring the city of Minneapolis. The parents provide him helpful strategies to work on his fear and staying calm while adapting to a brief change in his daily schedule.

Not to mention, visiting fun places there!

Will the strategies be helpful? Will Moby overcome his fear of traveling? Will he enjoy his trip?

Let's find out in the story...

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San Diego based author Muzna Kazim completed her Master's in Public Health from National University in 2016. She majored in Health Promotion with a research study in Autism. She worked as a Behavior Interventionist for kids with autism and advocates inclusivity and equal opportunities for them. view profile

Published on November 25, 2022

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