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Arnold and the Seedling


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A book that shines light through darkness, teaches you to look for hope in despair.

Children's books or picture books are most often disregarded by adults to be meant only for kids with large fonts and illustrations. What these adults miss out on is the hidden nuances, meanings, and symbolism of many stories in the picture book. I have been lucky enough to get the chance to read picture books as a school librarian. Many a time these books have life lessons that not only leave a deep impact on you but also carve a mark on your heart forever.

Arnold and the Seedling written by Orit Zohar is one such book which though meant for kids contains a message so deep and profound that it had me sit down and reflect. The book starts with Arnold, an old man just like any other we see in our neighborhoods. Old and alone, he decides to fulfill his long-held dream of planting a lush green beautiful garden with plants and trees of his choice. He buys a seedling from the market and plants it in his garden. He diligently waters the seedling and takes good care of it. Arnold is happy to see it sprout leaves. His joy turns into sadness when despite the care and nurture the seedling does not grow any further. His happiness turns into despair into anger, and he buys another seedling. This time also his wait after weeks turns futile and instead of a tree as he exected there was only a small plant. Arnold decides to give up on his dream in frustration. Yet a ray of hope was still inside him and he turns for a look into his garden. What does Arnold find in his garden? Is his dream fulfilled? Does his garden flourish or does he abandon his dream forever? Read this fabulous book for answers.

Author Orit has spun a beautiful yet simple tale of hanging on to one's dreams/ hope even when the wait seems endless. In days of darkness when you seem to lose hope, this book will remind you that the rainbow is just round the corner. One only needs to wait for the rain to stop and the cloud to move for the sun to shine through. The illustrations add a different flair and charm to the book. Each illustration with text makes the reader imagine how it would really be.

I recommend this book for everyone irrespective of their age. Pick this up and lift up your spirits with Arnold.

I would like to thank Reedsy and the author for providing me with the ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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I am open to trying new things. Being a librarian reading keeps me alive and helps me live new lives each time I read.


A poetic colorful picture book that can capture the hearts of readers of all ages, children and adults. Arnold is the uncle we all can identify and sympathize with.

One day Arnold decides to fulfill his longtime wish to have a big beautiful green, leafy tree in his own garden. He plants and cultivates, waits and anticipates, puts in a lot of effort and care. Moving from hope to despair, from dreaming to realizing, he has no idea what his endeavors will create. The outcome of his cultivation was surprising…

This story shows the long and tiring way to achievements, and the special secret that is hidden in every small seedling.

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Published on September 13, 2021

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