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Anytime Soon



Anaya hasn't dated in two years and is grieving her only brother. She's struggling beneath the mire of her overbearing mom, brooding sister, and alcoholic father. Family therapy isn't helping and Anaya is at her wit's end. While running offers temporary solace, nothing can help Anaya escape her unconventional extended family.

Imagine what happens to Anaya's world when she is pursued by two men at work. While she enjoys it at first, Anaya quickly finds herself drowning in the chaos of bad decisions. Things take a dark turn when tragedy strikes again in her family. Anaya must discover the value of friendship, the strength of love and the significance of family ties that bind.

“The sound of my parents talking woke me out of my sleep. I sat up and looked around my bedroom. It looked like the room of a twenty-four-year-old college senior, but lately, it didn’t feel like I was in college. I often had to remind myself of why I made the decision to live at home instead of on campus. Granted, at the time that I made the decision, it had seemed like a good idea. Living at home was comfortable and affordable. Once I started school, however, I often questioned my decision to continue living at home. Shortly after I decided to get my own place, my only brother, Andrew, was killed. We were a close family and devastated at his untimely death. At that point, there was no way I was going to move out. I thought my parents and sister needed me home with them. But, as time passed, I realized they really didn’t need me at all—I was the one who needed them.

Andrew and I were as close as any two people could ever be and when he died, part of me died too. He and I had gone to[…]”

Excerpt From: Tamika Christy. “Anytime Soon.” Apple Books. 

About the author

Tamika Christy is an Oakland, California native. She uses words to paint vivid landscapes of the emotions, triumphs, and the madness of life. Tamika describes her writing as urban prose—funny, warm, and soulful with blunt dialogue and familiar realism. view profile

Published on July 02, 2013

Published by Boutique of Quality Books

90000 words

Genre: African American fiction