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Any One of Y'all Coulda Done Did It: The Murder of Mayor Spurgeon Turgeon Reynolds (Murder Mystery Party for 16 Players)


Not for me 😔

This script for a murder mystery party of 16 people is humorous at times. The amount of characters makes it better suited for a play.

This script is light-hearted and easy to read quickly. It is entertaining and humorous in parts, and just plain ridiculous in others. The dialogue will have you laughing at its tomfoolery and the cause or causes of death to the Mayor will have you scratching your head. The authors have a clear image on how the party should be given and provide plenty of instruction, which is helpful to anyone who has never hosted a murder mystery dinner party before.


While there is plenty of ridiculousness and entertainment going on, there is also room for improvement. The amount of cast members makes this script unlikely for any dinner party I know, especially if the guests need to read or memorize lines. However, the guests are not supposed to see the script beforehand, but the instructions are to come dressed in character. How? Some characters need to be combined, such as the daughters or the Washingbeard’s or servants or the Stoozie crew, if it is to remain a dinner party script. Or the script should be expanded to make a full play. In the short three acts, none of the characters are developed enough for a reader to become attached to. If the script were made into a play, a scene could be added to create more back story for each character. Perhaps the added scene could be of the widow inviting each guest after the funeral and having a brief conversation on why she is inviting them over. If this is to remain a dinner party script, then allow guests to receive their scripts beforehand and have the host introduce her guests as they arrive, dressed as their character, or as they are seated, or in her opening dialogue, to provide much needed backstory. It is unrealistic that a dinner party guest would introduce themselves and give their own back story at a dinner party as they do in this script.

This script has plenty of potential and I look forward to seeing adaptations of this.

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Published on April 12, 2019

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