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Another Fantasia


Loved it! 😍

Nicholas' Another fantasia is a promising fantasy book that you just can't miss

I'm baffled at how Nicholas was able to spin a fantastical tale with such dexterity on his first attempt at writing. If this is his first, I can only imagine how amazing his books would turn out to be in the future. I don't often pick up fantasy books to read. But something about the cover compelled me to pick this one. Moreover, it was just 40 odd pages long. A fantasy novella of a short length? The proposition was too sweet for me to pass.

Brandon is whisked off into what seemed like an alternate world after his untimely "death" during a musical performance on Earth. Brandon is quickly on his feet and wastes no time to get a sense of this newfound reality. I love his characterization. He is portrayed as a timid person at first, but as the plot progresses, his true self manifests before us and we get to witness him grow into a mature character who is aware of his ingrained abilities/gift.

I feel so glad that I didn't miss this one. The plot, writing style, narration, character development/arc, Nicholas ticked all the necessities that a typical fantasy novel is supposed to have. The core concept of the story was something fresh and intriguing. The events that played out seemed filmy and I was able to visualize them effortlessly. It packs a potpourri of elements - love, hate, magic, dragons, faeries, etc and there is never a dull moment. I'm sure it would appeal to both children and full-grown adults like me.

I'm trying my level best to simmer my expectations for the next part. I hate cliffhangers and curiosity is something that I can't stand. Even though one part of me wants the author to expedite the writing process, the rational part wants him to take his own time to develop the story. I hope my patience is rewarded with a much polished full-fledged novel that satiates my hunger.

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First time writing a fantasy novel, which I always wanted to. Personally I love reading books, specially fantasy and fictions novels. I always think writing a novel, no matter what you are writing at, it can connects to other people and getting to know each other better. view profile

Published on June 18, 2020

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