Middle Grade Fantasy

Ancora: The Fog Banshee's Curse


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A skillfully entertaining tale that blends magic and mischief to have readers eating up this installment and clamoring for the next one.

Sometimes, a hidden world and an unexpected adventure are just a heartbeat away. Sisters Lulabelle, Kat, and Rosie are spending a summer at a cabin in the country with their parents. While their father teaches and their mother works on her paintings, the girls set out to explore their new surroundings. Venturing into a mysterious cave, the sisters discover that an entire world—Ancora—lies on the other side of the rock. Braving the unknown, the girls enter a land of magic and lore, making friends with a boy named Aiden, and a girl named Maeve and her family. Lulabelle, Kat, and Rosie spend their summer helping their newfound friends uncover the secret behind the terrifying fog banshee while balancing family time on the other side. Though their ultimate departure is sad, there may be more tying the girls to Ancora and their new friends than they realize.

Captivatingly written, this story keeps readers on the edges of their seats from beginning to end. Longer chapters prepare confident middle grade readers for young adult novels, but the pacing is done so well that readers will keep reaching for the next chapter despite their length. Wholesome messages of family, friendship, and honesty fill the narrative and are mixed with magic and mystery to build an entertaining and heartwarming story. Frequent reunions with the girls’ parents provide a safe anchor for the children throughout their adventures. Myriad references to Irish tradition and culture give this story a foothold in the familiar within an unknown landscape. 

One of the most compelling elements of this story is the mystery of who is summoning the fog banshee and why. Red herrings are found throughout the story, causing readers to be constantly trying to put together the pieces of this complex puzzle. It is a question that will keep readers wondering through the majority of the story.

This is a skillfully entertaining tale that blends magic and mischief in such a way as to have readers eating up this installment and clamoring for the next one.

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Miriam Pittman has always loved escaping into a good book, ever since she stepped through the wardrobe with Lucy as a child. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, three daughters and two stray cats that refuse to leave. She enjoys chocolate, hot tea, bonfires, and any excuse to avoid laundry. view profile

Published on November 19, 2020

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Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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