Anatomy of a Self-Indulgent Moongazer


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Musings of a creative mind harnessed into whimsical poetry. Perfect for dipping into, hitting the pause button on busyness.

This book is an absolute delight! Structured as short free-form poems, the musings in Prateek Joshi’s book are certain to bring a smile to the reader’s lips.

Using illusory images of nature – “a safari of stars waits” – Joshi takes the reader down alleyways of the imagination, offering light digressions to the pressing demands of daily life. His flights of fancy, the snapshots of individual thoughts he has captured on the page, are the contemplations which occur during an unhurried walk on a pleasant day, the wonderings which surface in a curious mind.

The poems are sparsely spaced on the pages, making this book a quick read – easy to dip into for swift mental refreshment. Increased attention to design, such as patterns in the white-space around the words, would enhance the product aesthetically. An index would also assist the reader in navigating the text.

The poems are divided into sections entitled felix mirror, Axis, Inoculum, Somnium, and Raga Noir. The cryptic titles allude to the style of writing within, where a reader feels there may be secret meanings just beyond grasp that would illuminate deeper understanding. That is the beauty of poetry – it is interpreted differently by individuals, who bring their own context to it and ultimately “find … voice in the labyrinths”.

The poems have some key words bolded, yet it is up to the reader to determine why these words have been selected from the whole. It adds to the intangibility and mystery, further increasing the reader’s sense of wonder and delight. A sense of satisfaction, if not bemusement, is generated at the delightful phrases within. Who could not be lured by, “Across the night / is a silver ferry / carrying the sky-map / of the dawn”? Such lyrical phrasing seduces the reader into yearning for more of this delicious language.

Anatomy Of A Self-Indulgent Moongazer is suitable for a multi-age audience: from the smallest children who are read to, responding to the magic and wonder of their ever-expanding world … to those whose full lives are now retreating to a smaller circle of influence … This book will delight audiences from a range of backgrounds. Recommended for when a person needs a mindful break from the hurly-burly pressures of life, Anatomy Of A Self-Indulgent Moongazer allows readers time to pause, take breath and delight in the now.  

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Prateek Joshi is a medical graduate from India. He moves between words and their impracticality to find himself stranded, placid when poem transfigures peculiarities between the pauses of breath. He is currently working on his third collection of poems, tentatively titled "403 Forbidden Error." view profile

Published on May 15, 2020

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