America’s Final Revolution: Reconstructing Jefferson’s American Dream of An Entrepreneurial Capitalist Society


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Vass challenges the ideals of the American Dream by offering a differing perspective on the political Constitution

America's Final Revolution: Reconstructing Jefferson's American Dream of an Entrepreneurial Capitalise Society by Laurie Vass is a piece of socio-economic non-fiction that dissects the political consequences of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States in the 18th century. Also referred to as the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments drafted during this period were intended to offer basic freedoms for all American citizens, including free speech and the right to a fair trial.

In her work, Vass argues that Thomas Jefferson's vision of the American Dream was undermined by James Madison version of the Constitution. A document that closely mimicked the British structure of power, Madison's provided a framework for the elite classes to maintain control and wealth whilst suppressing the working and middle class populous of America.

Vass goes on to argue that, combined with the implementation of Alexander Hamilton's broken financial system, Madison's Constitution has consistently impacted society throughout history as one of the leading contributors behind a repeated pattern of economic recession in America. It has also created (and continues to perpetuate) a divided society. It is of Vass' opinion that the modern-day political establishment must revisit Jefferson's document of 1776 and implement some of his original proposals to restore economic and social stability in America.

I found Vass' work a thought-provoking read, offering a differing perspective on one of the founding pillars of American society. It is well researched and utilises a significant amount of primary and secondary sources to support the argument, alongside reputable economic and social Historians. The author's personal views could be veiled better, for example the repeated and broad use of the term "Marxist Democrats" to describe the political left is a tad overplayed. However as a text to spark debate Vass successfully provides an alternative perspective on American economics that leaves the reader wanting to learn more.

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