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Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire


Loved it! 😍

An adorable book teaching you to learn from your mistakes and not consider them failures, but lessons!

Amelia is a mouse and an inventor! The story, told in rhythmic rhyme, starts out with some of the more interesting inventions that Amelia has created, though I am not sure how useful they all are. One day, her neighbor, Winston the rat, comes by and tells her that he is having trouble using his cane properly because it gets stuck in holes and on roots and is making difficult for him to use it. He wants to know if Amelia can make something that will be more useful for him. Amelia puts on her thinking cap and has a few out of this world attempts - she tries to make it a rocket, she tries to make it bouncy and finally she decides to make it a sword! When Winston comes back he isn't sure the sword will work - but Amelia tries one more time and is able to come up with something that Winston is really happy with!

I thought this book was absolutely adorable and as someone who uses a cane, I got a kick out of her ideas - friends and I often tease about making my cane a sword. (But now I see how impractical it is thanks to Winston and Amelia!) I also absolutely loved the moral of the story: you don't have failures, you just learn from them and make things better and better! Definitely a great thing for kids (of all ages) to learn, and I always love when books have fun rhymes to them. It almost makes me want to sing them instead of read them!

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Told in rhythmic rhyme, Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire is the story of an overzealous inventor mouse who never gives up. Always willing to help a friend, Amelia never loses her enthusiasm as she creatively embarks on her inventing journey. If only we could all be so passionate! This story reminds readers young and old that success happens where passion and determination meet. It encourages readers to try and fail, and that each failure is an opportunity to learn. Even when it means inventing a rocket cane for your friend Winston . . .

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J.W is a fun-loving dad/superhero to two energetic little girls. Like most superheroes who have modest beginnings, his career began by writing bedtime stories for his kids. His goal is to write and publish quality books that bolster self-development, and are loved by children and adults alike. view profile

Published on October 06, 2020

Published by Developing Minds Publishing

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