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Aliens, Drywall, and a Unicycle


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Sometimes, living in an apartment building with astonishing neighbours can change your life.

Such a fun read, and filled with a warmth I really needed in our current challenging times. Tom Tibbetts finds his way to a semi-exotic locale hidden in small-town trappings. He finds himself in an apartment building with thin walls and invasive neighbours. His new job is a nightmare - he is being asked to write ‘refrigerator stories’, slices of life interviews of these very neighbours. They are a motley crew of misfits and at first Tom can’t find anything worth writing about, unless he mocks them. But as he gets to know them, he finds not only stories worth telling, but people worth caring about.

The author makes us like all of his characters, even the oddest ones. Very early on in the book we find ourselves charmed and involved, and even the main character, who is busily burning bridges and slipping out of his old life in a languid sort of way, becomes someone we want to root for.

The story runs right along and I found it an enjoyable ride throughout. Well-written, not over-written, edited well. A pleasurable to spend an afternoon, and I know I’ll be looking for more from this author. I love a good character-based story.

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Kevin St. Jarre earned his MFA in Creative Writing, with a concentration in Popular Fiction, from the Stonecoast program. He has worked as an educator, a reporter, a corporate consultant, and served in the first Gulf War. He is a member of International Thriller Writers. He lives in Maine. view profile

Published on November 06, 2020

Published by Encircle Publications

50000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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