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Alice in Condoland


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Follow Alice's adventures in Condoland as she fights corruption in the board of directors with the help of a group of quirky residents

At the outset it was the clever title of the book that piqued my curiosity. I’m sure that Charles Lutwidge Dodgson would approve. Then curiouser and curiouser our lead character Alice gives everyone she meets a fun nickname.

Now, I read a lot of books and character differentiation (specially at my age) can become a real problem, particularly with similar names and multiple names starting with the same letter.

"Excellent," I thought, this solves my geriatric character blending problem at one fell swoop, and it did exactly that – no problems knowing just who was who. Imagine my surprise at the end of the book when I found out this story telling technique wasn’t developed just for me but had an ulterior motive.

So, not having to tax my jaded brain cells too much trying to remember who was who, I was able to relax into the plot and really enjoy myself. The writing style utilises great accent representation which gives some of the more colourful characters a proper voice.

The bottom of the page footnotes explaining common Jewish terms was useful and taught this gentile a few new cuss words as well as improving the realistic feel of the cast. But I digress.

Alice In Condoland follows our heroine Alice as she enters the murky world of condominium management and all the intrigue and corruption to be found there once you start to lift a few rocks. This is a slightly madcap story bringing together the various separate cultures both English and Spanish speaking into a cohesive group determined to stop the rot and reclaim their rights as condo owners.

At times this is laugh out loud funny but at the same time it shines a spotlight on the topic of condo corruption that shouldn’t be ignored.

To recap, Liz Bieler has created a diverse collection of characters led by a likable heroine that work to entertain and educate the reader throughout. For me this was one of those hard to put down books that cross my path from time to time.

All I need now is for more authors to pick up the character naming convention so I can stop having to check back to previous chapters to remind me who is who.

That’s it from me as I just realised that I’m late, I’m late for a very important date… (hmm dates – another thing I can never remember. It must be an age thing. Maybe it’s time to relocate to a condo (wait, have I learned nothing from reading this book? It’s freehold only for me from now on with absolutely no communal areas).

Sorry, did I mention that I loved this book?

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Before writing fiction, she had a career in financial services marketing and language research. She is a jazz singer, voice actor, and member of SAG-AFTRA. The pandemic afforded Liz a chance to revisit her bucket list, and she began to write for fun. Alice in Condoland is her debut novel. view profile

Published on November 30, 2022

Published by 3 Swallys Press

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Humor & Comedy

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