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Alexis vs. the Afterlife


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In this comical urban fantasy romp Alexis isn’t your average chosen one. She’s a guitar goddess that nothing, apocalypse included, can stop.

All Alexis has ever wanted is to be is a guitar goddess. Instead she landed a role she hates as an occult warrior on a sitcom for kids. Years later she is finally about to get her chance to rock the stage when a freak accident rams her into an early afterlife. Not only is she dead and about to miss the shot she’s been waiting her whole life for, but the stupid spells from her show actually work, landing her the position of the chosen one standing between the world and the apocalypse. If she wants any chance of getting her body back she has no choice but to save the world.

The writing itself was fantastic. The author has several books under his belt already and it showed in the quality and smoothness of the writing style. The unique voice really helped each character come to life and made this a standout read. This story basically has a personality all its own from the voice to the characters and humor. Alexis is one of those characters you don’t need to like or find relatable to get hooked on. Her screw-you-world attitude alone is enough to make you want to see what she’ll do next.

This book is a parody of urban fantasy, including all those “chosen one” stories. If you are in the mood for a book that pokes good-natured fun at those stories then Alexis vs. the Afterlife is the perfect book for you. This isn’t the type of story you read to take seriously. This is the type of story you read for a good time. For those not familiar with the genre, most of the humor and clichés it makes fun of will go over your head. For those who are familiar with the genre, buckle up and prepare to have a laugh or two.


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Your old pal Marcus Alexander Hart is a novelist, self-proclaimed karaoke star, and default awesome dude. He has been a roller-derby skater and a real-life quidditch player. Marcus lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two imaginary children. view profile

Published on July 09, 2019

Published by Canaby Press, LLC

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Genre: Urban Fantasy

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