Albertan Apocalypse


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Set in 2031 post-apocalyptic Canada, this high-octane adventure novel will have dystopian fans on the edge of their seats.

It’s 2031. Twelve years ago a worldwide catastrophe destroyed the internet and disabled governments. Many human brains were also “ruined” when the atmosphere “was transformed into a microwave oven.” One of few stable societies remaining is in Alberta, Canada. But malevolent forces are converging to invade the province, exploit its natural resources, and enslave its citizens.

Malevolent forces afoot include the Chinese. They want to “annex” Alberta for the Vladivostok Cartel, a greedy overseas corporation that’s “in the process of building an empire.”

But Albertans aren’t exactly taking an imminent invasion lying down. In fact, combat operators - the backbone of provincial security – are soon forced to choose between Calgary’s mayor and the “Richies,” the city’s monied families who like to throw their weight around. The latter's children are leading enemy forces straight to Alberta. Soon two of the region's most formidable operators - Abraham McKinley and his son, Zach - are in the cross-hairs. They're in danger of losing everything if the cartel succeeds.

A skilled combat veteran newly returned from years of war in California, Zach McKinley comes home to find his province, his family, and his future teetering on the edge of extinction. To save it all, he must prove himself in battle once again. And what about lovely Rachel Coe of the Blackfoot tribe, recently kidnapped and held hostage? Can he save her, too? Can Zach dodge the progs – young “progressive nationalists” – long enough to thwart an invasion?

Meanwhile, unusual alliances emerge. Loyalties are tested. The Hold My Beer line forms. And Zach and his friends soon learn that Traitors are worse than enemies.

There’s a lot going on in this book. Think Red Dawn meets The Postman in this high-octane adventure/thriller dystopian novel. Plenty of action coupled with vivid descriptions of the region and robust characters propel the plot forward with lightning speed. It will have you turning pages until the very end.

The story racks up a large body count early on and keeps on going because Zach’s answer to almost everything is to kill someone. So this book is recommended for young adults and up.

This is the first book in the McKinley Chronicles. It represents a remarkable achievement for an emerging author. For fans of dystopian/thriller/adventure novels, the next installment will certainly be worth the wait. 

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Published on June 18, 2021

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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

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