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Aether: Chapter 2


Loved it! 😍

Aether: Chapter 2 is the early stages of a graphic novel series that has a lot of promise, and could turn into something really special.

Some years ago I discovered that comics could be about much more than superheroes. That's not to say a superhero comic can't be excellent when done right, but there is an underappreciated and relatively unknown world out there consisting of original and compelling storytelling through the medium of graphic novels. The genre as a whole could be a largely unexplored goldmine for many readers of traditional novels.

Even though Aether has only just begun, it shows the promise of being a series that could be something really special for a long time to come.

Whereas Chapter 1 served as an introduction of the main characters and the universe, Chapter 2 brings us into the meat of the story. Having proven his dedication, Richard and his group of found friends in Club Broadkeep set out to solve the mystery of where Timothy has disappeared to. They realize that they are not the only ones looking for Tim, and for Richard events take a dramatic turn that he couldn't possibly have bargained for.

Even at the end of Chapter 2 of Aether, we've barely skimmed the surface of the story and the setting, but they both have a lot of potential to develop in exciting ways. The artwork is relatively simple, but well done and effective, conveying both emotion and action in a manga-inspired style that works very well for this comic. Colour, and the lack of it, is used as a device, with most of the art being in greyscale, and colour being used to represent something which is, as yet, not entirely apparent to the reader.

I'm truly excited at the groundwork that has been laid in these first two issues. The story is definitely more mature than one might expect given the young age of the characters, and the dissonance between the characters, setting, and the story leaves me with a wonderful feeling of suspense at what might happen next. As I read them, these first two chapters Aether invoked a similar feeling of anticipation to what I experienced when starting out reading Paper Girls by Vaughan, which is a very promising sign indeed.

It's very early days, but Aether has certainly set the scene for a great story, and if it continues along the same trajectory, this series will be a real treat to follow. I would encourage readers to give Aether a try, even if graphic novels aren't usually a thing they'd go for.

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Richard and Club Broadkeep investigate the home of their missing classmate, Timothy Chambers - but they aren't the only ones looking for him. Mysterious agents, bizarre dreams and the ever looming threat of expulsion hang over Richard in the exciting second chapter of AETHER!

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I'm a writer based in NJ. I love horror and science fiction. I grew up watching what felt like an endless amount of movies, so I went to school for film making. I've been writing screenplays and short stories for years, and in 2016 I created/am the lead writer for the graphic novel series, AETHER. view profile

Published on March 25, 2020

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