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Aether: Chapter 1


Worth reading 😎

A graphic novel perfect for lovers of misfits banding together to investigate creepy mysteries and conspiracies.

Richard is starting his first day of high school. When it comes to finding a club to join he can’t find one that suits him. Then he comes across the model building club and swept up in curiosity, joins. But the model building club is only a ruse for the real club, one that investigates conspiracy theories. His first investigation with the club takes them to the woods where he has to prove he has what it takes to be a member of the club.

The artwork of this book was great and fit the story well. I especially enjoyed the colored illustrations. The art style also felt very reminiscent of manga. Overall I can see this book appealing to people who enjoy conspiracy theories and misfits banding together. If neither of those elements appeals to you or you don't like manga, then this probably isn’t the graphic novel for you.

This is chapter one and it felt like a short intro setting up the story to come. It was rather short at only 44 pages and that shortness was the biggest drawback in my opinion as an intro to the series. I found myself more interested in the hints at what is to come, like missing children, than the events explored in this chapter. I wasn’t a fan of the story starting with a dream sequence either because it felt cliché. I think this would have benefited from having the first three chapters instead of just the first one to get the ball rolling on the story since chapter one alone felt like a mere intro that left me wishing I got to see more of where the story was heading. As an intro it did set the characters and plot up in preparation for the next chapter.

With that said I can see the next chapters being more engrossing once the story really gets rolling and I like the concept of this series. I think if I’d gotten more chapters to judge this story by, it would have received a higher rating from me. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a creepy mystery to investigate

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As seemingly demonic forces befall a private high school, Richard - an unassuming freshman, must band together with a group of outcast kids to stop the impending evil.

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I'm a writer based in NJ. I love horror and science fiction. I grew up watching what felt like an endless amount of movies, so I went to school for film making. I've been writing screenplays and short stories for years, and in 2016 I created/am the lead writer for the graphic novel series, AETHER. view profile

Published on November 06, 2019

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