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Adventures of the Super Bunny Club


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Four spy bunnies complete several missions, including two missions for Presibun George Washingbun, in this frolicsome middle grade debut.

Recently adopted by a family of “hoomans [sic],” Blue is a lop-eared gray bunny who isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up. He loves watching spy movies, and he dreams of being a race car driver “because he [is] very very very fast.” While perusing other bunnies’ careers on PictoBun, a social media platform for bunnies, Blue discovers Agent Rupert, another lop-eared gray bunny who refers to himself as a spy bunny in his profile. Blue sends Rupert a message, asking if he can train to be a spy bunny and offering his service as a fast driver. Rupert accepts and instructs Blue on how to teleport from his cage to a meeting place where he’ll begin training. Before long, two more lop-eared gray bunnies join the crew, and the Super Bunny Club is formed. Their initial missions are small, each concerning a single bunny, but when Presibun George Washingbun calls in urgent need of help, the Super Bunny Club is tasked with a mission of global proportions.

With each new mission approached as a standalone adventure, The Super Bunny Club reads like a collection of short stories, seamlessly woven together with wordplay and humor. Blue’s adventures are punctuated with facts about bunnies (“yes, bunnies can growl”) and embroidered with amusing insights about their personalities and preferences (“bunnies love a good bit of bunstruction [sic], which is what they call their activities when they destroy things in hoomans’ [sic] homes”). Observant and mindful, Blue extracts a lesson from his adventures and uses what he learns to craft a veritable ten commandments, a list of ten rules for the Super Bunny Club that ranges from “never give up on your dreams” and “everything in moderation” to “treat others like you would like to be treated” and “life is all about love.” Supplemental material at the back of the book reinforces bunny vocabulary and the rules of the Super Bunny Club. Wilks’ cute black-and-white sketches bolster this tale of bunny hijinks.  

Best enjoyed with a glass of carrot juice, The Super Bunny Club is a charming debut that evokes the playfulness of bunnies and emphasizes the benefits of teamwork.  

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Once there was a girl with unkempt hair and knobby knees who spent her summers sipping honeysuckle blooms and staining her mouth with blackberries plucked from the vine. One day, she opened a book and tumbled into a realm of stories from whence she never returned.

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Hi there! I'm a wife/step-mom/cool aunt/sister/friend/Ph.D. scientist/coach/writer and, more importantly, the hoomin of a very special spy bunny named Blue. When I’m not managing Blue’s Instagram account or writing about him and his spy bunny friends, I love traveling, reading & writing. view profile

Published on February 19, 2019

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