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Adventures of the Super Bunny Club


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Four spy bunnies complete several missions, including two missions for Presibun George Washingbun, in this frolicsome middle grade debut.


Adventures of the Super Bunny Club follows a bunny named Blue as he’s introduced to the wild, wonderful, and WHOOSH-ing world of international floppy-eared intrigue where there’s much more to being a bunny than hoomins realize. Along the way, Blue meets other bunnies, some of whom look a lot like him but couldn’t be more different. Together with his friends, they establish themselves as a competent (and hungry) team of spy bunnies who have everything it takes to teleport around the world, create a variety of disguises and plans, and work with other animals when the situation calls for it.

Recently adopted by a family of “hoomans [sic],” Blue is a lop-eared gray bunny who isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up. He loves watching spy movies, and he dreams of being a race car driver “because he [is] very very very fast.” While perusing other bunnies’ careers on PictoBun, a social media platform for bunnies, Blue discovers Agent Rupert, another lop-eared gray bunny who refers to himself as a spy bunny in his profile. Blue sends Rupert a message, asking if he can train to be a spy bunny and offering his service as a fast driver. Rupert accepts and instructs Blue on how to teleport from his cage to a meeting place where he’ll begin training. Before long, two more lop-eared gray bunnies join the crew, and the Super Bunny Club is formed. Their initial missions are small, each concerning a single bunny, but when Presibun George Washingbun calls in urgent need of help, the Super Bunny Club is tasked with a mission of global proportions.

With each new mission approached as a standalone adventure, The Super Bunny Club reads like a collection of short stories, seamlessly woven together with wordplay and humor. Blue’s adventures are punctuated with facts about bunnies (“yes, bunnies can growl”) and embroidered with amusing insights about their personalities and preferences (“bunnies love a good bit of bunstruction [sic], which is what they call their activities when they destroy things in hoomans’ [sic] homes”). Observant and mindful, Blue extracts a lesson from his adventures and uses what he learns to craft a veritable ten commandments, a list of ten rules for the Super Bunny Club that ranges from “never give up on your dreams” and “everything in moderation” to “treat others like you would like to be treated” and “life is all about love.” Supplemental material at the back of the book reinforces bunny vocabulary and the rules of the Super Bunny Club. Wilks’ cute black-and-white sketches bolster this tale of bunny hijinks.  

Best enjoyed with a glass of carrot juice, The Super Bunny Club is a charming debut that evokes the playfulness of bunnies and emphasizes the benefits of teamwork.  

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Once there was a girl with unkempt hair and knobby knees who spent her summers sipping honeysuckle blooms and staining her mouth with blackberries plucked from the vine. One day, she opened a book and tumbled into a realm of stories from whence she never returned.


Adventures of the Super Bunny Club follows a bunny named Blue as he’s introduced to the wild, wonderful, and WHOOSH-ing world of international floppy-eared intrigue where there’s much more to being a bunny than hoomins realize. Along the way, Blue meets other bunnies, some of whom look a lot like him but couldn’t be more different. Together with his friends, they establish themselves as a competent (and hungry) team of spy bunnies who have everything it takes to teleport around the world, create a variety of disguises and plans, and work with other animals when the situation calls for it.

Chapter One

Once upon a time, at least according to the internet, there were four identical gray lop-eared bunnies that lived in four separate parts of the world:

Agent Rupert in Hungary

Dino in the Netherlands

Smurfy in Belgium

And a bunny named Blue in the United States.

You might think this story is going to be about the fact that these bunnies live in different places but all look the same. That is a very interesting story but not the one being told today. The story you are about to read is much more interesting and that is how these bunnies all became part of the Super Bunny Club.

You’ve never heard of the Super Bunny Club? I suppose it’s not surprising because it is a network of spy bunnies who are united in protecting bunnies across the world. It turns out there are a lot of bad guys trying to steal bunny secrets and equipment and sometimes even their veggies, but you will read more about that later. Before we talk more about the spy activities of the Super Bunny Club, let’s start by explaining how they all met.

There are a lot of things people don’t know about bunnies and one of those things is that bunnies are very active on bunny social media. Especially on their PictoBun accounts. They mostly like to share pictures and videos of themselves doing cute things like sleeping, chewing, running, and doing binkies. In case you have never heard of binkies, these are very special bunny flips, hops, and in-the-air twists that bunnies perform only when they are very happy. Bunnies especially like to share their binkies online as even watching a good binky brings much joy to bunnies everywhere.

A bunny named Blue immediately created his PictoBun account the first night he came to live with his new mommy and daddy hoomins (that’s what bunnies call humans...their spelling isn’t always the best). This account was very important to Blue because he felt pretty alone and nervous in a new place, so making friends felt very necessary. He was also not really sure what he wanted to be when he grew up, so he thought looking at other bunnies’ careers might give him some ideas. Blue signed on and started looking at pictures of other bunnies. He was surprised to see that there are very small bunnies, very big bunnies, very smooth bunnies, and very fluffy bunnies who live all over the world. They came in all different sizes, shapes, and colors, and they all seemed to have different hobbies and interests.

When Blue thought about his hobbies and skills, he felt that he might be skilled at eating treats, but in his heart he knew he was meant to do more with his life. In fact, one of his biggest dreams was to be a race car driver because he was very very very fast and he practiced all the time. In fact, his mom- my and daddy could always hear him running very very very fast through the rooms upstairs practicing his laps. Sometimes his daddy would yell, “Blue what are you doing up there?” but Blue just kept going fast.

Blue put his thoughts of race car driving aside for a moment and continued to look at his PictoBun pictures. He immediately noticed that there was a bunny named Agent Rupert that looked just like him! In fact, they had the very same cage and were only born one day apart, but Rupert lived on the other side of the ocean. Agent Rupert referred to himself as a spy bunny in his profile and this was very intriguing to Blue as spy movies were some of his favorite movies to watch (bunnies like to watch a lot of movies in their downtime). Although Blue was currently dreaming of being a race car driver, the idea of combining careers was very appealing to him. Surely a race car driver bunny would be a good spy bunny as he was very very very fast so he could help to chase after bad guys.

Blue was new to making friends and a little shy but he was so intrigued by the idea of becoming a spy bunny that he couldn’t resist reaching out. He sent Agent Rupert an instant bunny message asking if he too could become a spy bunny. He was surprised when Agent Rupert wrote back right away and told him that of course he could train to be a spy bunny. Blue explained his dream of becoming a race car driver and Agent Rupert agreed that he could use both a new spy bunny and a both a new spy bunny and aboth a new spy bunny and a driver. Rupert explained that it is very important to have dreams and to never give up on them.

Agent Rupert, already being a very experienced spy bunny, asked if Blue knew how to use his cage as a teleportation device and this was a very new concept to Blue. Agent Rupert explained that late at night bunnies can teleport to other bunny locations by harness- ing power from their cages. Sometimes spy bunnies teleported to go on missions but, from the pictures he could see, it seemed to Blue many bunnies teleported to attend bunny parties with carrot juice and other treats but that seemed ok too. Rupert suggested that Blue could teleport over to Hungary that night so they could share some basil and get to know each other better. Because Blue’s hoomins were asleep at night, this opened up a lot opportunities to teleport to meet his new friends.

Blue was pretty excited to teleport to Rupert’s that night and to learn about all these new things, but then he started looking at PictoBun again and got a little distracted. But sometimes distractions are a good thing because suddenly, Blue found himself looking at another picture of himself! He was confused though because he didn’t remember posting this picture of himself and his ears looked a little longer and he was pretty sure he didn’t live in the Netherlands. So who was this pretty gray bunny with the slightly longer ears? “Dino.” Blue read her name. Her name! Dino was a girl! There was another gray bunny out there who looked like Agent Rupert and Blue and she was a girl! Blue figured if two gray lop-eared bunnies were good then three must be better. Agent Rupert and Blue discussed and then reached out to Dino and asked her if she would be willing to become a spy bunny too. She agreed and suddenly there were three gray lop-eared spy bunnies.

They knew they needed a name for their spy club and it did not take them long to decide they would be called the Su- per Bunny Club. After all, they were all bunnies and they were all in the same club and they thought they were pretty super (bunnies tend to think pretty highly of themselves, especially when compared to hoomins). They told Dino that tonight would be the first official meeting of the Super Bunny Club at Agent Rupert’s and she volunteered to bring some pellets to share, which made them even more excited. They would use this first meeting to get to know each other and to plan their first mission (while sharing some treats, of course).

While Blue, Rupert, and Dino were making plans to- gether, suddenly a fourth gray lop-eared bunny named Smurfy sent Dino an instant message and asked if he too could join the Super Bunny Club. Dino, who always tried to be fair, suggested that there should be a vote and asked if he had any ex- perience catching bad guys. Smurfy reported back that he had recently caught and expelled a carrot thief from his garden so the other members immediately voted him into the Club. They explained to Smurfy how cage teleporting worked and he said he would bring some fresh greens from his garden so now the bunnies were very excited indeed! Smurfy also had his own outdoor “castle” (which is what bunnies call their houses – they like to think they are very regal), so when the weather was nice the Super Bunny Club would be able to meet there too.

As Blue waited for his hoomins to go to sleep so he could teleport to Agent Rupert’s, he sighed with happiness. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have made friends so quickly from all over the world and, as a bonus, friends who were incredibly good looking (bunnies often think pretty highly of themselves). He also couldn’t believe that he didn’t have to give up his dream of being a race car driver, so he decided to himself that this would be the First Rule of the Super Bunny Club: Never give up on your dreams. And that, my friends, is how the Super Bunny Club was formed.


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Hi there! I'm a wife/step-mom/cool aunt/sister/friend/Ph.D. scientist/coach/writer and, more importantly, the hoomin of a very special spy bunny named Blue. When I’m not managing Blue’s Instagram account or writing about him and his spy bunny friends, I love traveling, reading & writing. view profile

Published on February 19, 2019

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