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Adventures of an Urban Homesteader


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Life and love hold different definitions where you life, eat and drink.

Loud music booms out the window – coming from a car passing on the highway. The DJs on your live stream radio station are rambling a little too long about nothing in particular. Off in a distance, you hear the TV blaring whatever football game is on, and your elderly parents are discussing who put what dishes where.

It is that time. It is time to shut the door, and pick up a good book, and escape for a bit. You tell Alexa to play ‘baby-making jazz’ – there is such a playlist, and you curl up on the bed, sink into your pillows, and dive into what you thought what just be an everyday writing.

But then you are pleasantly surprised as you flip the pages of “Adventures of an Urban Homesteader … The Diary of Kendall Whitney” by Brooke Davis. You find yourself laughing, shaking and nodding your head, gasping and feeling an array of emotions as Davis takes us on a sidewalk journey for around 300 pages with Kendall Whitney.

Kendall is 28 and tired – tired of all the ‘noise’ of her mundane life – and runs away; she leaves San Francisco and heads to Montana. For the first time in her life, Kendall doesn’t hear the ‘noise,’ and she decides to find herself while in Montana where it snows, where it is cold, and where love has a different definition than it does in California.

Sprinkled with bits of humor and peppered with bits of independence, ‘Adventures of an Urban Homesteader’ should be required reading for anyone below the age of 30 and above the age of 20. Davis enlightens the reader with each one of Kendall’s adventures by hiding a life lesson in between the lines. Adulting isn’t easy.

It is most certainly one of the funniest tales I have read lately. Kendall may be 28, but she discovers that she has to grow up, and growing up is something all of us have to do – some of us are just late bloomers.

Montana is different for sure. Kendall has some big decisions to make. While she does that, it seems, she is able to clear the mechanism, and ignore the noises pulling her. Recommended reading for book clubbers, college-age and young adults.

We give it four stars – there were some mechanical errors that a second or third editing pass might have caught, but overall, no problems. I look forward to seeing more from Brooke Davis.

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Brooke L. Davis is a writer and wellness coach in Colorado. When she isn’t plotting shenanigans for her next novel, she can be found watching sports, hiking and taking photographs in the mountains, and reading tarot. A native of Indiana, she has called Colorado home for over twenty years. view profile

Published on July 09, 2020

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