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Adulting 101


Worth reading 😎

An insightful, interesting read to help you grasp the basics of adulthood.

I read the first sentence of this book, “I don’t know what goes where. I’ve never filled out a check before,” and realised I’ve never filled out a check, and would have no idea how to. I’m 26, so I’m not exactly a new adult, but I still got some benefit from this book. 

I loved the way it was written - it wasn’t just advice after advice or a boring monologue telling you to do x, y and z. There were stories and experiences of the authors that related to what point they were trying to put across. That made it interesting, as well as insightful. 

Each section was brief but informative - just enough to drive home the advice without being too overwhelming. I found the money section the most helpful, especially budgeting. Managing money is like a minefield and it’s incredibly easy to fall into debt. This book highlighted ways to cut costs, budget better and how to save. It also covered ways to pull yourself out of debt should it happen. 

I would recommend this book to new adults or teens on the cusp of adulthood. I would also recommend it to people like me - who aren’t exactly new adults but still want more from their life. 

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The Hearse and the Uhaul

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Published on March 26, 2019

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