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Adeline's Aria is a fantastic, sweet and vibrant story about a young girl finding true love with the lead singer from her favorite band.

Adeline's Aria is a young adult contemporary romance novel written by Laynie Bynum. Laynie is a young adult and new adult fiction author from Birmingham, Alabama, and she writes everything from contemporary romances to urban fantasies. Laynie Bynum is a new author for me, but the story synopsis and the beautifully designed book cover captivated me. The book cover captures the story perfectly. Adeline's Aria is about a high school senior from a small town in Alabama falling in love with the lead singer, Jude Blair, from her favorite band, Infernal Echo. I never read a young adult romance book with the main character falling love with someone from their favorite band, it's a little unrealistic, but this book is absolutely phenomenal.

The characters in the story are very well-developed and realistic. One of my favorite things about Adeline is that she is not the type of character you would typically see ending up with a rock star. She is a small-town girl who is unpopular at school, but she is beautiful in her own way, smart and is a very caring person. She is very close to her parents and her best friend, Tabitha. Tabitha and Adeline have been best friends since childhood, and their bond reminded me of how close I am with my best friends. We have strong relationships, and I couldn't imagine my life without them, which is why Adeline fights so hard to find a balance between her life with Jude and her home life.

Music is a theme that is lucid throughout the novel and is how Adeline's life gets turned upside down. I love that the author portrays her love of music into the story, it gives her story like a signature touch that no other author that I have read possesses. Adeline attends a music festival with her best friend, Tabitha. Adeline wasn't too thrilled about going because it wasn't an artist she was interested in, but she went to support her best friend. Right when the concert begins, out of the corner of Adeline's eyes, she sees Jude Blair behind the curtains on stage. Her face lights up like a Christmas tree, and her heart flutters. Tabitha and Adeline's reaction to seeing their favorite musicians reminded me of when my best friend introduced me to my favorite boy band, The Jonas Brothers, which may be playing while I am typing up my review.

After the concert, Adeline and Tabitha stay behind to take a photo, and to wait for the crowd to start clearing. I thought they were going to pass out when Jude Blair and Cameron began to talk to them. It was like a fairy tale because the girls got to hangout with them, and as the night progress, they became closer. I was in complete shock when Adeline started kissing Jude in the water under the rocks, and then she and Tabitha stayed the night in the guys' hotel room. Adeline and her best friend were living out a dream, and I didn't think their one-night adventure would continue.

Jude Blair and Adeline's relationship were exciting, adventurous and like a modern-day Cinderella story. Even though they lived completely different lives, they had a compelling chemistry where they needed each other. Like in every relationship, they faced some rough patches. Jude Blair wasn't just a rock star, he was a talented actor. Blair's co-star, Lana Thatcher, and his father, Daniel, caused a lot of trouble in his relationship with Adeline. Adeline and Jude had to hide their relationship because he had a contract to be Lana's fiancée. Lana and Jude's relationship was all for publicity, but it really affected Adeline's mindset. I was afraid for her and honestly thought Jude was playing her. The media and keeping secrets got the best of Adeline and caused for her and Jude to separate. I hoped and prayed they would patch their relationship because they seem like the perfect couple.

Bynum did a fantastic job creating Jude Blair's character. He's a handsome British rock star that any girl would fall in love with, but he faces some demons. His career means a lot to him, but the pressure brings out his character flaws, but makes you see the real him. Sometimes I wanted to hate him, and sometimes I loved him because of how in love he was with Adeline.

Jude's brother, Skylar faces issues with his identity and Adeline flies back to London when Skylar attempts to commit suicide. Skylar's hospital scare allows Jude and Adeline to work on their relationship and fall madly in love all over again. I was so happy that the story had a happy ending. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

The story does include a variety of controversial topics, but they fit into the storyline well, and the topics are very relatable to the target audience. Many teens are dealing with issues relating to identity, first love, and mental health. Creating characters and a storyline that can be unique, relatable and diverse is the key to becoming a successful author in the young adult genre because we want to create stories for our target audience that they can enjoy, relate to and be inspired by.

Adeline's Aria is an incredible story full of dynamic characters and themes of the importance of family ties and friendship. The story is beautifully written, and I loved it from the first page to the very last word, and I hope there's a sequel to this story because I'm hooked. I love the way the author describes the character's feelings and actions. I could picture what was happening in my mind as I was reading the story. I congratulate the author on showing the reader what's happening instead of telling. I also like how the setting of the story is based on the author's hometown. When an author adds personal touches into their writing; it enhances the story and makes it more magical.

Adeline's Aria is the perfect read for fans of Kasie West, John Green, and Maggie Dallen. If you love reading young adult romances, you must add Adeline's Aria to your TBR list.

My favorite quote;

Adeline: I knew before I even turned around that my heart was no longer beating across the ocean. I was back in one piece. ~Laynie Bynum, Adeline's Aria

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Laynie Bynum is an author from Alabama who writes everything from Contemporary Romance to Urban Fantasy. When she isn't crafting characters who reflect her never-ending wanderlust and love of music, she is the Marketing Manager at Magnolia Press. She is also the VP of Communications for YA-RWA. view profile

Published on January 28, 2020

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