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Act Before You overThink


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The reader can look forward to a wealth of shared narratives & scientific explanations that reflect on the psychology of action and inaction

Act Before You Think by Lison Mage critically examines the overlooked and omnipresent practice of overthinking in nine chapters that explode the three core myths pertain to overthinking. The first section of the book explains overthinking, providing detailed situational and behavioral examples. Additionally, it defines what is not considered to be overthinking. Next Mage gives us many examples of overthinking which she categorizes as toxic behavior that is akin to a mental disorder.


One of the quotations that resonated with me was “He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured.” Ethiopian Proverb. Another indelible take away from this book is the narrative that concludes with this statement, “One of the lessons is that “bad” things come with a silver lining, which will only appear to us in hindsight.”


The reader can look forward to a wealth of shared narratives and scientific explanations that reflect on the psychology of action and inaction among humans. Each chapter examines an issue related to overthinking. Next, it suggests how the problem can be resolved or prevented and sums up the key points in Key Takeaways.

It is certain that readers will find several texts to highlight as the message of the text resonates with them. One such passage for me was the following: “ Overall, more than 200 studies have investigated the damages that overthinking has on our mental health, validating its dramatic impact . And the worse thing is that once this behavior is ignited, it amplifies and multiplies. There is a terrible snowball effect in play, where symptoms start small but keep on growing larger and more serious. Overthinking also cripples our physical health. For instance, overthinking disrupts our sleep. It takes us longer to fall asleep, plus it also diminishes the quality and duration of our sleep”.

Mage is passionate about her message and the earnest tone arrests readers’ interest. The book is ideally suited persons wanting to act responsibly and with less hesitation.

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Lison Mage is an author, corporate facilitator, performance and mindset coach. She works primarily with companies to elevate engagement and performance providing their leaders and teams with practical and science-based tools, to foster a growth mindset and enhance their decision-making processes. view profile

Published on April 20, 2022

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