Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey


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I wish I could give "Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey" more than five stars!

Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey is endorsed by the English Chess Federation, American Chess Magazine, and more, and rightfully so. The concept of the book was brilliant. Through storytelling, on the left side of each page, children from 7 to 11 can learn the mechanics of chess, which is not considered an easy game to master. Not only are they being entertained, but they are learning too. While this is an illustrated book, any age can find the gaming information (right side pages) helpful. I learned a lot, and I'm well past the 11-year-old mark. 

Through the author's tutorage, I now know what the knights can do that no other piece can, which two pieces can move first in a match, the difference between "open" and "closed" games, and which initial move (chess opening) dates back over 500 years. If that wasn't enough, I was impressed that the author posed questions to the readers about different moves. They made you feel like part of the game! 

I must rave about the spectacular illustrations by Caroline Zina. Their story art was outstanding! I was blown away by how they drew each character/piece. The knight's mane, armor, and harness were stunning. Queen Idalia's dress was lovely too. Again, I know this book is intended for young audiences, but I found myself enjoying the story of Prunella, the pawn who dreamt of becoming a queen, more than I thought I would. 

Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey by Jonathan Ferry had excitement, suspense, action, attacks, defeats, intense pressure, strategy, focus, and moments requiring calmness when the pressure mounts. The fictional story's emotions reflected those a player would face in a real-life game. There will be times when a player gets frustrated and discouraged too. Whether you win or lose, do it with grace and try to avoid standing on the opposing team after you yell, "Check!" But I have to admit, the image of Prunella standing on the white Rook was pretty comical. 

Across the Battlefield: A Pawn's Journey by Jonathan Ferry is a book the whole family can enjoy. My only advice to readers is I would have a chess board on standby because you're going to want to practice what you just learned. 

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Embark on an odyssey of imagination where your child will be captivated and inspired by a whimsical tale about a pawn who desires to become a queen all while developing critical thinking and social skills that will help both on and off the chessboard.

Across the Battlefield has been called "the perfect introduction to chess for children and the young at heart" by the top chess club in the United States. It has also been endorsed by American Chess Magazine, the English Chess Federation, Chess.com, British Chess News and many more. However, you do not have to know or even be interested in chess to enjoy this book as the story is filled with adventure, sacrifice and engaging character development.

Released on October 14, 2022 in just 8 weeks the book has made the top 10,000 books on Amazon.com and is ranked in the top 3 children's chess books in the United States based on sales.

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Published on October 14, 2022

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