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A Wealthy Girl: 7 Steps to Prosperity, Peace, and Personal Power


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There is nothing as powerful as a “girl” with a mind for money making coupled with a purpose that lives way beyond the money. Through A Wealthy Girl, you will learn that you don’t have to be male, rich, old, or white, to be wealthy.

Wealth expert Charisse Conanan Johnson, CFA, brings her multifaceted experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and strategy consultant over the last twenty years to women.

This book is not your ordinary wealth-building book. Your wealth is beyond what sits in your bank account -- it embodies your relationships, your craft, and your faith. Through the indepth pages of A Wealthy Girl you will be shaped by a new wealth conversation, rooted in both the tangible and intangible aspects of wealth, told through the lens of Charisse’s inspiring life journey and the stories of other powerful women.

Charisse will give you the 7 key steps to live a wealthy life, from developing an investor mindset, to building a faith muscle, to running wealthy experiments. Through it all, Charisse shares openly about her journey with a common-sense approach, grit, and dozens of great tips to implement immediately.

Taking A New Wealth Journey

Imagine that you are standing in front of a mirror saying “I am a Wealthy Girl.” 

How do you feel when you say these words out loud?  What is the expression on your face? Do you truly believe  in the power of your own words? 

I have gone through this exercise myself. But I must  keep it real with you -- It’s more than an exercise. It’s who I am. 

I feel free. I feel powerful. I feel affirmed. I am smiling,  showing lots of teeth. I believe that the person staring back  at me is wealthy. 

If it is hard for you to imagine yourself saying these  words or having the feelings that I have described, then  this is the perfect book for you. If you have no issues  saying these words out loud, have you checked in on your  friends to see if they can do the same? By the end of this  book, my deep hope is that you can say these words boldly and authentically in your own voice, and that the women  around you can do so too. 

Most of us want to be wealthy but, more often than  not, don’t really have a handle as to how to achieve this  goal, especially in the face of the very real systemic forces  that have intentionally helped some people obtain wealth  and held others back because of their gender, race, sexuality, class, or a combination of any of these factors. Plenty  of well-documented research forcefully concludes that  America was set up to prevent certain communities from  obtaining wealth. For example: 

African-Americans living in rented apartments, prohib ited from moving to the suburbs, gained none of that  [housing] appreciation. The result is that today nation wide, African-American incomes on average are about  60 percent of white incomes, but African-American  wealth is about 5 to 7 percent of white wealth. That  enormous difference is almost entirely attributable to  unconstitutional federal housing policy practiced in the  mid-20th century.

MacKenzie Scott, (ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s  richest men) said it best when she gave over a billion dol lars in 2020 to organizations founded by women, LGBTQ persons, and the people of color who helped her generate  her wealth: “There’s no question in my mind that any one’s wealth is the product of a collective effort, and of  social structures which present opportunities to some  people, and obstacles to countless others.”2 

This book is not your ordinary wealth-building book.  I will show you that you don’t have to be male, rich, old,  or white, to be wealthy. 

I am a young Black woman with Filipino roots who has  amassed great wealth. But, the kind of wealth that I have  amassed will transform your life because it goes beyond  the prosperity that comes from a growing bank account;  my kind of wealth also brings peace and personal power.  I will show you how to get this kind of wealth. 

I subscribe to a different, more expansive definition of  wealth. I also want you to embrace this broader definition  of wealth, and thus take a new wealth journey with me. 

Traditionally, wealth is defined in dollars and cents.  Pew Research Center defines wealth as net worth or “the  value of assets owned by a family, such as a home or a  savings account, minus outstanding debt, such as a mortgage or student loan. Accumulated over time, wealth is  a source of retirement income, protects against short term economic shocks, and provides security and social status for future generations.” In America, there is a lot  of this kind of wealth. In fact, American households held  over $98 trillion of wealth in 2018, which is derived from  $113 trillion in household assets minus the $15 trillion  in household debt. And, seventy-five percent of these  household assets come in the form of financial assets— namely stocks and mutual funds, retirement accounts,  and privately-held businesses. Real estate makes up the  vast majority of nonfinancial assets. On the other hand,  two-thirds of America’s aggregate household debt comes  in the form of mortgages, followed by consumer credit  and student loans.4 If you are a Millennial like me, you  know how incredibly frustrating it has been to be hindered  by student loan debt. 

Think of traditional wealth as your very own balance  sheet, measured at a singular point in time. In a tradi tional sense, your wealth can go up or down over time  based on changes in income, how much debt you take on  or pay down, and what might have been given to you or  that you give away. What you earn from your paycheck is  not wealth. That’s straight-up income, and I don’t want  you to get income confused with traditional definitions of wealth. You can have a very high income and still low  wealth if you spend all your money, don’t save or invest,  or have a boatload of debt. 

When I studied economics at Yale University in under grad and pursued my MBA at the University of Chicago  Booth School of Business, I learned that this type of tradi tional wealth often dominates the narrative in defining us  as individuals, communities, and countries, wherein we  can measure the differences in tangible wealth between  different groups. 

However, defining your wealth solely in terms of the  traditional definition of wealth misses the mark on all of  the assets that you possess. Wealth must also include the  very important intangible assets that include your faith,  family, networks, personal attributes, and skills that make  you special in this world. 

Society will have you believe that the only wealth that  matters is the tangible wealth. While I believe whole heartedly in pursuing this kind of wealth, it’s not the only wealth that matters. I challenge the traditional mone tary-only definition of wealth because it misses the mark  on who I am as a woman, as a mother, and all of the other  ways in which I value myself. Defining wealth solely on  financial terms misses some of my greatest assets, and it  surely misses some of yours too. 

I offer an expansive definition of wealth: the traditional  dollars and cents version plus all of the intangible assets  that make a person who they are. You can have all the financial prosperity in the world, and it can still fall short  of generating a sense of peace or personal power. To redefine wealth as both tangible and intangible, it  allows you to define wealth on your own terms. My expan sive definition of wealth comes from having achieved  high levels of both tangible and intangible wealth over  my entire lifetime. 

On the tangible wealth side, I have a unique set of expe riences as an investor, entrepreneur, and strategy consul tant over the last twenty years. From making investments  for JPMorgan’s multi-billion-dollar, mid cap-value fund  to helping grow Yale University’s alumni venture fund to  starting my own personal finance technology company, I  have been on the frontlines of building tangible wealth.  In my 20s, I dedicated three years of my life to obtaining  my chartered financial analyst (CFA) designation so that I  learned the skills necessary to make investment decisions  for billion-dollar portfolios. I’ve learned the secrets of how  to make money within traditional wealth producing struc tures -- investing in stocks, getting passive income from  real estate investments, making venture capital invest ments, and starting a business. I am going to share these  tested strategies with you. 

Over the last five years as a strategy consultant and  now Managing Partner at Next Street, I have advised some  of the world’s most dynamic institutions. Through my  work at Next Street, which is a mission-oriented for-profit  firm, I develop innovative and data-driven strategies to help “close the wealth gap between the ‘haves and the  have nots,” using entrepreneurship as the primary lever.  Whether developing these strategies for dynamic founda tions such as the Obama Foundation, complex financial  institutions such as U.S. Bank, or forward-thinking gov erning bodies such as The City of Columbus, I understand  how institutions and systems also play a critical role in an individual’s ability (or lack thereof) to generate wealth. By being entrenched in traditional institutions as both  an investor and an advisor, I have also developed a deep  understanding of how best to grow traditional wealth in  spite of the ways these institutions have historically and  systematically prevented people that look like me from  creating wealth. I am going to share concrete examples  of how these systemic forces have played out, and tested  strategies to both build wealth through these systems and  also subvert them when necessary. 

I have spent years testing and developing my own  unique process to attain and sustain traditional wealth,  creating a very vibrant financial status for not only myself  and my family, but also for my members of the Charisse  Says community where I’ve advised thousands of people at through my blogs, videos, courses,  and tools. I will share all of my hacks and strategies to  obtain traditional wealth. 

And still I want something more for you. I want you  to have more than traditional wealth. Why?

I am tired of being exclusively defined by the same sys tems and structures that have historically tried to prevent  me, a young Black female, from fairly participating in the  traditional accumulation of wealth. Most Westernized civ ilizations were built on imperialist systems and structures  of patriarchy, sexism, racism, and classism that have tried  to put me in a box. I want to break that box wide open.  Why chase a single standard that never entirely had me or  you in mind anyway? 

I want you to have the kind of wealth that goes beyond  the dollars and cents. Wealth must also encompass your  intangible assets such as your spiritual well-being, physical  well-being, emotional and mental health, education attainment (formal and informal), relationships, and cultural  capital or merely the exposure to different cultural forms  (such as art, museums, traveling) that enhance one’s  social capital. For example, spiritual well-being means  building a faith muscle, which I talk about in Chapter 9. 

Your faith can be one of your strongest and most  powerful intangible assets, which means that your faith  can make you incredibly wealthy. You should know right  upfront that I am Christian, and my views on faith are  shaped through that lens, and yet, faith is accessible to all.  My Christian upbringing, heavily influenced by my two  grandmothers and then my parents, has formed a strong  sense of purpose. I want you to experience the power of  living a faith-filled life. I believe that wealth and faith go  hand-in-hand, and thus being wealthy means having faith. 

It’s more precious than rubies, gold, or, better yet, the  bank’s dollars. 

I am a living witness to the fact that your intangible  faith will give you all the desires of your heart, not just  those defined by monetary gain. Isn’t that why we aspire  towards wealth anyway? To be wealthy certainly involves  having the things we want and need. 

I am also a woman who was born with strabismus (or  as they say ‘crossed eyes’), a condition that almost caused  me to go blind at a very young age. My ability to thrive aca demically, emotionally, and socially despite my handicap  created a high degree of confidence within me at a very  young age. I am wealthy because I am confident, and my  confidence is one of my most salient intangible assets. 

I grew up in Freeport, a small blue-collar village in  Long Island, and attended public schools up until college.  I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, but  I do come from a community that nurtured my talent  and taught me to strive for excellence. I amassed great  wealth before opening a bank account or getting my first  credit card because of the supportive environment that  propelled me to dream big from a very young age -- my  bold ambition and belief that it takes an entire commu nity to propel an individual forward are some of my most  treasured intangible assets. 

And now as a wife and mother, I have a whole new  mojo that comes from these newer roles in my life. There  is no amount of money in the world that can give me the kind of wealth that my daughter Gabrielle, who was born  on April 26, 2020, can give me. I struggled to conceive,  and as I will share with you later, it was my faith that  helped me to get through the dark days when I did not  think I would be a parent. Gabrielle represents the epitome of intangible wealth -- she is a priceless asset that  provides a lifelong return of joy. If you are a mother, you  have intangible assets that go beyond the dollars that sit  in your bank account, and thus you should measure your  wealth along those intangible dimensions as well. 

Say this boldly: 

My wealth is made up of more than the dollars and cents that sit in my bank account. 

Wealth is about you having financial prosperity plus the  peace of mind and personal power that comes as a result  of your intangible wealth. Moreover, I guarantee that your  intangible wealth will unlock so much tangible wealth in  your life. If the historically unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything around the globe, it’s that  your holistic wealth matters. So, then, what do I mean by  being a Wealthy Girl? I’m going to take you there now. 

A Deeper Diver On The Wealthy Girl Journey 

Being a Wealthy Girl is all about having a mindset rooted  in the expansive definition of wealth that goes beyond  what sits in your bank account. This kind of wealth is possible and guaranteed if you start and then consistently  follow the steps that I outline in this book. It’s not just my  experience, but that of others who have become incredibly  wealthy by doing the same things I’m sharing with you.  But here’s the thing: If you’re not going to take action  using what you learn in this book, it’s not going to help  you. This is a real journey with real steps. 

Teaching a Wealthy Girl mindset is my rendition of  the sassy girl, the one that’s classy, who takes control and  leads. And especially the one who doesn’t leave so much  on the table. I’ll show you how to become that girl. 

But my vision and hope for you is that you won’t only  become a Wealthy Girl, but that you’ll pay it forward to  friends and family, and your community. Additionally,  you will come to understand that the path to becoming  a Wealthy Girl is easier than you might currently think. 

In this book I’m sharing insights from my years of  learning and exposure from my Ivy League education and  training within prestigious financial institutions. I am  also sharing lessons learned from my own trial-and-error  wealth-building practices outside traditional institutions.  I’ll share with you how to build your intangible assets, and  pass them to the next generation. I will share with you  what works and what doesn’t, and save you the drama of  making mistakes along the way. 

I’ll share with you all I’ve learned so that your journey  to growing wealthy will be easier and even fun. Finally  note that becoming a Wealthy Girl is not about being greedy. Rather it’s about owning your power, asking for  what you want and choose, and then promise yourself  and deliver on it. I’ll show you how to take the steps that  can make your life better, and how to be a role model for  others that way. 

Whether you’re twenty-five or sixty-five, I “know” you too  can get there. In other words, wealth accumulation is a very  beautiful way to live your life no matter how old you are.  In other words, I “know” you can become a Wealthy Girl. 

Now that you know a bit about my intention and back ground, I want to share the story of the Wealthy Girls who  came before me. If you don’t know that story, then you  can’t truly know much about me. If you don’t know me,  then it’s hard to understand how I have become wealthy in  the way I’ve defined it. These women are strong examples  of Wealthy Girls, and understanding their full stories is  critical to knowing what it takes to be a Wealthy Girl. 

I was blessed enough to make it to thirty-eight with  two grandmothers still living. Grandma Shine, my mom’s  mom, and Grandma Pearl, my dad’s mom. My Grandma  Pearl died in 2018 at the age of ninety, and my Grandma  Shine turned ninety-two-years old in 2020. Unbeknownst  to each other, Naomi ‘Grandma’ Pinnacle Shine emigrated from South Carolina to New York City in 1949,  and ‘Grandma’ Pearl Petite Conanan emigrated from New  Orleans to New York City in 1950. 

Both grandmas were two of the six million Blacks  who fled the cruel, segregated South as part of the Great Migration from 1915 to 1970. Like the three Black migra tory stories detailed in Isabel Wilkerson’s The Warmth of  Other Suns, both of my grandmothers left the South for a  better life than what the Jim Crow South could offer. They  wanted freedom. They tried to move away from the injus tices and inequity that pressed down upon their necks by  an oppressive, racist Southern America. 

Sound familiar? We only have to dive into our recent  memory in 2020 to relive the horrors of George Floyd,  Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Elijah McClain, and  deeper in our history to honor the countless other black  bodies destroyed at the hand of oppression. 

While my grandmas knew that they could not entirely  flee American racism by moving from the South to the  North, they had a better chance of staying alive, earning  money, and making a good life for their future families.  Both grandmas made the train ride solo in their early  20s, saddled with both a single suitcase and limitless  dreams for a better life. After settling North, my grand mas returned to the South only for funerals, reunions,  and special birthdays. 

Going back ‘down South,’ as they would say, often  reminded them of a painful past that on the one hand,  they left behind. Yet on the other hand, it’s their Black  Southern roots that mainly influenced their New York  City home through its loving familial bonds, community-driven support, and strong faith. They usurped a storied Southern history to build a wealthy life, defined on their  own terms, in the North. 

Grandma Shine and Grandma Pearl both settled in  Harlem and married within a year of their arrival to New  York City. They both had kids, and their eldests—my  mother Barbara from Naomi and my dad Frank from  Pearl—met each other in 1971, married in 1974, and then  had children of their own. My brother Clayton was born in  1977, and I had the good fortune of popping out in 1980. 

Though my Grandma Pearl was unable to work due  to the onset of mental illness, she married Hermogenous  Conanan, a Filipino immigrant whose job as chef in the  U.S. Coast Guard provided enough wages for the two of  them and their eventual three children to make it through  the years. My grandparents eventually settled in the Italian, Filipino, and Puerto Rican immigrant-infused neigh borhood of Cobble Hill Brooklyn in the late 1950s. My grandparents bought a multi-unit Brownstone  for $15,000 by borrowing money from one of my grand father’s brothers. My grandparents quickly paid back  that loan. Since then, there have been countless family  gatherings, overflowing with my Grandma’s love, in that  house over my forty years of life. My father and mother  lived in the 3rd-floor apartment for the first six years of  their marriage, and I spent my first six months living in  that house. Although my grandmother and grandpa have  passed away, their Brownstone is now owned by my father and his siblings. They rent it out to tenants in what is now  one of Brooklyn’s poshest neighborhoods. 

The house is worth many multiples above $15,000  today, and yet our memories are priceless. The house is  one example of the tangible intergenerational wealth cre ated between two generations. The love that has emanated  from the people in that house is one example of the intan gible wealth that I now have. 

Now, my Grandma Shine began her working career  in the North as a homemaker, at times making $2.50 per  hour to help support a family of six. While my grandfather  Joseph worked the shipyards moving cargo, his paycheck  didn’t suffice in providing enough for their family of eight. 

It’s important to know that Grandma Shine gradu ated Valedictorian of her high school before making the  trek North. But, she was unable to earn a college degree  because her family could not afford to send her to col lege. As such, though she highly valued formal education,  working became her way up and out. And to her immense  joy, all six of her kids went to college. It was the three girls  of her six kids that finished college and went on to profes sional service careers. The boys found jobs with amazing  pension benefits by working as policemen, correction offi cers, and unionized trades artisans. 

From 1950 to 1990, my Grandma Shine held down  homemaker jobs, sometimes working two to three jobs at  a time. She would eventually move from ‘working for the  man’ at a homemaking company to her own independent contracting jobs -- a sole proprietorship in today’s vernacu lar. Along the way, she cultivated a very strong network of  other women including relatives and friends who had also  migrated from the South, to give them opportunities to  work her jobs when she was oversubscribed. She thus pro vided other women with independent contracting opportu nities to put more money in their pockets as well. She kept  a lot of the dollars in her pocket by starting her business as  an independent contractor, and although it was informal  and she was far from monetarily rich, her income provided  the necessary dollars and flexibility for her family to survive. 

The money accumulated from my Grandma Shine’s  sole proprietorship is one example of tangible wealth that  helped her family survive. Grandma Shine’s strong rela tionships with the women who came into her orbit and  her value of education (formal and informal) are examples  of the intangible wealth that has passed on to my mom  and then to me. 

I share my grandmas’ stories because they both  achieved varying degrees of financial prosperity over their  lifetime and amassed a high degree of peace and personal  power along the way. Their faithfulness in God is inspirational even to the most ardent of atheists. Their jour neys are the blueprint upon which I have based my life  and my own Wealthy Girl journey. My Wealthy Girl story  will not end with me, but instead pass on to my daughter  Gabrielle, and if she is so fortunate to have a girl, on to  her daughter.

I want to take you on a journey through these eleven  chapters to help you to bask in being a Wealthy Girl. I was  where you are, sometimes doubting my abilities or failing  to take action when I knew I should. Trust me, I found the  way to pursue wealth, and so can you. I’ll share my ups,  downs, and everything around to find your path to wealth. 

But being a Wealthy Girl also means to have freedom  and opportunity in your life. Both of my Grandmas pos sessed these intangible assets. Wealth is about fulfilling  the desires you hold most near and dear to your hearts.  Isn’t that the kind of wealth you want to pass down to your  children, especially your daughters who are born into a  world that tries to box them in? 

So I extend to you this invitation: Come, Join me.  Become a Wealthy Girl! 

How To Use This Book 

I will provide you with new ways of thinking about wealth  using 7 specific steps that help you achieve both tangible  and intangible wealth, and detailed takeaways that sum marize the main points for each chapter. In the takeaways,  I will ask you several questions that I want you to ponder,  and then leave you with a call to action. Yes, ACTION!  My hope is that you employ at least one of my strategies  in your own life. 

Don’t worry. You are not alone. My deep desire is that  through my words, you will feel me journeying with you  in order to help you achieve your wildest, wealthy dream. 

Think of me as your accountability partner as you are read ing. At the beginning of each chapter, I will openly and  authentically share with you some of my own Wealthy  Girl stories, as well as those of other women. I do this so  that you can learn as many examples as possible from the  journeys of others. You will read about the good, the bad,  and everything in-between. 

So, what are you really going to get out of this book?  I’m going to give you insights in a way that’s more friendly,  devoid of fluff, practical, and openly recognizes the struc tural forces that can often impede your individual wealth  pursuits than you may have found in other books about  money or finances. I break down complex concepts in  an easy-to-understand manner. I’m opening the doors of  wealth, as I’ve defined earlier. I’ll be sharing with you all  kinds of unique, action-oriented strategies that you might  not have thought of before. For instance, I won’t focus you  on solely paying down debt, but rather on how you can  execute on tangible investing strategies within traditional  financial systems and build intangible Wealth Circles that  subvert traditional financial systems. Both strategies will  help change your life and build wealth holistically. From  there you will learn the power of changing other people’s  lives paying your wealth forward. 

So let’s get right into it. 

The following is a summary of each chapter. This is a  cheat-sheet on what to expect. In the beginning chapters,  you will shift your mindset of what it means to be wealthy and understand what may be stopping you from achieving  the wealth status you deserve. Then for the remaining  chapters, I’ll provide you the seven steps to achieve your  Wealthy Girl status. 

Chapter I: Taking A New Wealth Journey. You’re reading  this one right now. Here I have redefined what it means  to be wealthy and what I wish to offer you. As you keep  reading, I will share relevant stories from my background  and why I wrote this book for you, a Wealthy Girl. 

Chapter II: Eight Myths Stopping You from Being Wealthy.  In this chapter I first debunk eight myths that I believe  hold us back from being the wealthy girls we are meant  to be. For instance, one of the myths that you might tell  yourself is - “I’m not worthy of wealth.” Don’t believe this.  I will help you get these myths out of your psyche so that  you can get toward action. 

Chapter III: Step 1 - Build an Environment for Wealth  Creation (Part A). In this first step, I’ll show you how to  build a robust environment for wealth creation. It starts  with the relationships in your life. I will give you strategies  to surround yourself with love, how to practice ambition,  and how to develop those long-lasting female bonds. You  will learn how to start your Wealthy Girl journey with the  right environment.

Chapter IV: Step 1 - Build an Environment for Wealth Cre ation (Part B). Since building an environment for wealth  creation is so important, I will show you in Chapter 4 how  you can create your personal A-Team. I will get real on  how to unleash the power of your A-Team, which includes  one or more of the following - a career coach, a financial  advisor, a peer mentor circle, a sponsor, and a therapist. 

Chapter V: Step 2 - Work Your Craft. In Chapter 5, I will  show you what it means to focus on something so intently  that you develop a skill set. By drawing on inspiration from  someone who excels at their craft, making a commitment  to learning (both formally and informally), and perfect 

ing your craft, you will develop your Wealthy Girl mojo.  Finally, I will share specific personal disciplines, such as  journaling and protecting your time, that will help you  work your craft. Finally, you will learn how to overcome  the setbacks that will surely come when you commit to  work your craft. 

Chapter VI: Step 3 - Develop an Investor Mindset. I will  share the story of the greatest investors I know and the  secrets that have made her successful. You will learn how  to become the CEO of your wealth, how to invest in your  dreams first, and how to utilize my own proprietary tangible wealth-building strategy called SIPPing and Livin’  - Saving, Investing, Protecting, and Paying-Down, plus  Living your life. This strategy has generated thousands of  dollars for me and many, many women.

Chapter VII: Step 4 - Run Wealthy Experiments. My big gest experiment resulted in my marriage! In Chapter 7,  I will give you a blueprint to experiment in your life, and  how you can build wealth by doing so not only for your self, but for the generations that come after you. You will  learn how to apply the culture of experimentation to your  personal and professional life. 

Chapter VIII: Step 5 - Start a Business or Support the  Entrepreneurs Around You. As a founder of my own  company and an investor in small businesses, I know the  wealth effect of simply being around small businesses. In  Chapter 8, I will share why it is so important to support  the entrepreneurs in your life, or start your own business.  More importantly, I will share the tips to get started and  develop the right mindset for the journey. 

Chapter IX: Step 6 - Build a Faith Muscle. In Chapter 9, I  will define what I mean by faith, and a faith muscle - one  of the most valuable intangible wealth attributes you can  develop. I will give you the tools to define faith on your  own terms, garner the support you need around, and get  the power to move on in life even in disappointment. I end  this chapter by sharing one of my favorite faith-building  songs to encourage you on your own journey. 

Chapter X: Step 7 - Be a Girl. The last step in being a  Wealthy Girl is to simply be a girl. I don’t define a girl by  the physical gender that you were born into, or the one you may have chosen post birth. Moreover, I will show you  how to utilize the very traits that make us powerful women  in order to build your wealth. Whether it’s building your  own Wealth Circle or getting the men around you to support you, you have the unique opportunity to leverage one  of your greatest assets - the girl in you! 

Chapter XI: Enjoy Your Wealth: Prosperity Peace and  Personal Power Lived Out. Now that you have the seven  steps to create wealth, you should enjoy it. There should  be LOTS of fun when wealth is at the center of your life.  If not, what’s the point? I will provide you with what it  looks like to live out a life of wealth, thereby obtaining that  prosperity, peace, and personal power you deserve. Trust  me, it’s a joyful experience. 

Each chapter builds upon the previous one, and thus this  book is perfect for you if you want to read it one chap ter after the next. However, if you like jumping around,  I’ve designed it so that you can do that too because each  chapter is also mutually reinforcing to each other. Some  chapters might be more relevant for you at one time than  another. Therefore I suggest you keep the book as a trusty  guide over time. For instance, you may want to come back  to certain chapters that pertain to challenges or opportunities that arise in your life. The lessons in this book will  help you even more when you’re going through something  that could use a bit of timeless advice.

I encourage you to take notes as you read through the  chapters, and feel free to come back to the chapters that  resonate with you the most. The best way, however, to  use this book is to form a Wealth Circle of two or more  people. You might be asking - what’s a Wealth Circle? As  I mentioned in my summary of all the chapters, I will share more with you how to create your own in Chapter  10: Be a Girl

In short, a Wealthy Circle is a community of like minded people, even if it’s only one person - a best friend,  spouse, or family member - who is vested in your success,  and wealth. Your Wealth Circle will help you stick with the  strategies I share here. I’ve witnessed the power of one’s  wealthy girl network again and again and I know it will  serve you well. . 

If my ninety-year old grandmothers taught me any thing, it’s that you’re never too old to take a new journey! So I’m throwing down the gauntlet and challenging  you to take your best self, move it forward, and don’t stop.  Embrace your Wealthy Girl status and claim your destiny!

Let’s go.

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