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A Thin Porridge


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When your father's reputation and his life worth is at stake, what would you do to preserve his good name?

This is a story of a woman's fight to clear her family's name, while bringing together the entire family, one that she didn't even knew existed. As one for high quality historical fiction, the author did an entirely thorough job researching this book. Settings in America and Africa in the 1800s, the author gives us a glimpse of life through the eyes of Abeona Browne, an African-American girl of society.

From her viewpoint we encounter trials and situations of slave trade in Africa, learning about the suffering of people who were fiercely separated from their families. Gohs gives his readers a look into the past, sharing the abuse and suffering that went on during this time. Gohs beautiful writing has us feeling the intense heat, the beautiful landscapes and the wilderness. Some of my favorite scenes take place on the ship, where Abeona buys passage in the steerage compartment and we feel the intense suffering of those that live there. Her illness, her understanding of the abuse that women endured at the hands of the crew, were all vividly written. My stomach actually twisted during some of the more graphic scenes.

While the story started out slow for me, the book picks up speed once Abeona makes the decision to take on the rumors that are being spread about her father. Her bravery, foolishness and immaturity often get her in trouble, but this is a woman who learns from her mistakes, and becomes the keeper of her father's secrets. She becomes the woman who understands the larger issue at hand, and through new found maturity and grace, who demands and receives respect that she is due.

This is a page turner (after the first couple of chapters) and you will want to slow down and take in all the detail, the sinister as well as the hopeful. It will be an impossible task, but in the end, you will be glad you spent your time with this incredible story.

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Benjamin J. Gohs is a longtime journalist and novelist from Michigan who writes literary thrillers and freelances as a writer/editor/graphic designer. view profile

Published on June 15, 2020

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