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A Shift in Shadows


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The first in a new series, this urban fantasy romance has all the supernaturals focused on one shapeshifter in order to turn the tide of a war.

Nemain is a feline shapeshifter who is struggling with PTSD, trauma and betrayal after being saved from captivity from her ex-boyfriend Sebastian, a warlock, and a slew of vampires. After gaining some sense of normalcy back, Nemain realizes that Sebastian's search for her has intensified. Believing the reason to be about her strange magical abilities, Nemain and her allies, including Magos, the vampire who rescued her from captivity (and torture), venture to stop him and his plans.

As she searches through the realms where humans, fae and the other supernaturals reside, Nemain uncovers a larger conspiracy. One in which Sebastian, the warlocks, and the vampires are involved; and, they will do anything to make sure they have Nemain back in their clutches. Meanwhile, Nemain investigates the reason why her magic is so unique compared to everyone else's; and, what will happen to her when (not if) anyone ever learns about her true power.

The author has created a world where all supernaturals (i.e. fae, mermaids, warlocks, witches, vampires, werewolves, etc.) co-exist and cohabit alongside humans (some of who know of their existence). At the same time, magic remains a mystery to all of the supernaturals, which makes this world more mystical than ones by other authors. Please note that the level of violence in this book can be a trigger for some readers.

The first in a new series, this urban fantasy romance has the protagonist, a feline shapeshifter, struggling with PTSD, trauma and betrayal as she continues her hunt for vengeance and safety (for herself and for those she cares about). While the plot and the character development won't be anything new to fans of this genre, the world-building is what stands out the most in this book. And, while the conflict wraps up at the end of this book, the cliffhanger at the end lets readers know more is to come. Fans of Amelia Hutchins, Heather Killough-Walden, Laurell K. Hamilton, Ilona Andrews, and Seanan McGuire will enjoy this book. 

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Published on October 26, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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