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A Pocket Full of God


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If a book could become a friend, 'A Pocket Full of God' by David Knight would be that book.

For those of you who enjoy reading self-help or inspirational books, David Knight’s ‘A Pocket Full of God’ is one you need to add to your collection.

Knight, the author of eight books, and guest speaker at various mind, body and spirit enlightenment events across the United Kingdom, takes to his pages with his ink like a pastry chef does with decorating a wedding cake. His wording, his sentence structure and format seem to match the intricate message he shares.

Beyond the normal self-help book, ‘A Pocket Full of God’ offers readers friendship – if a book could be a friend – in their life journeys. Creating the book to be a guide for self-transformation and spiritual, mental and self-awareness, Knight opens doors and windows which would allow readers new perspectives on ways to become ‘better.’

In offering suggestions toward walking away from fear, and jumping on the joy bus that life can give you, ‘A Pocket Full of God’ walks the reader through an in-depth study of the mind, the boy and spirit. During a time when all of us are faced with uncertainty, ‘A Pocket Full of God’ is more than just another motivational book… it is a breath of fresh air among all the others. Check it out today.

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David has helped to conduct Spiritual Development and healing circles for over 25 years. Author of 8 books and a guest speaker at various Mind, Body and Spirit engagements across the UK. David is tee-total and a vegetarian, who loves the sunshine, nature, animals, and his wife! view profile

Published on October 01, 2020

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