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A Noble's Path


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A Noble’s Path is a classic fantasy read with enough originality to push it above the common heard. There are also magical sheep.

A Nobel’s Path is the second book in the series and although I haven’t read the first, the lively writing and strong character development made me happy to pick up the story in the middle. The central protagonist is just complicated and conflicted enough to be believable, while the plot moves along at a nice clip so you don’t get bogged down in excess exposition. There are also magical sheep.

While there is a touch of death and danger - more social than physical - this story reads more YA than not. It’s not too dark, the characters are mostly kind to each other, and even the criminals are relatively clean and well behaved.

A Nobel’s Path is classic fantasy with forbidden magic, a coming-of-age plot, a mysterious origin story, a love triangle, royalty and thieves, and overbearing parents. Yes, just about every single fantasy trope ever plotted. However the author manages to overcome the dangers of being generic with some solid world-building - using the Latin community as a starting point - and by creating a character the reader will care about.

This is not the best fantasy novel ever, but it’s a solid attempt and an easy casual read. Will look forward to the next instalment.

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Published on January 31, 2020

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