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A Loaded Question


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"A Loaded Question" is an intriguing, action-packed, light romance with a happy ending.

A Loaded Question by Danica Winters centers on FBI agent Kate Scot and special operations contractor Troy Spade.  The two meet when Troy’s surveillance vehicle is hit from behind, blocking Kate’s car in its parking space.  Kate immediately recognizes Troy as a dangerous man, and Troy, used to being invisible, marvels at Kate’s obvious recognition.  Before Troy can work things out with the frazzled young man who caused the car accident, shots ring out.  Kate jumps into action, runs to Troy and the boy, and calls for backup.  

Later, when Troy attempts to leave the scene before being interviewed, he reveals to Kate that his life depends on his identity remaining secret. Kate goes out on a limb, trusting Troy and bringing him with her to investigate the scene.  As they try to figure out the motive behind the shooting, they come to a startling realization; they’re connected beyond the shooting.  This launches the start of an action-packed romance.  

Like many standalone romances in a larger, connected series, A Loaded Question skims the surface of another genre (perhaps “action heroes” in this case) to add detail and intrigue and skims the surface of the emotional element of a romance that guarantees—if not explicitly, implicitly—a happy ending.  The novel is well-written, there’s a good balance between description, action, and dialogue, and there are no plot holes or inconsistencies.  For some, the omission of oxford commas may be frustrating.

The beginning of the book was my favorite because it really pulled me in, and I imagined all sorts of potential story trajectories.  However, when I finished the book, I felt somewhat unsatisfied.  There was very little content after the climax, and while Kate and Troy’s love made sense logically, I was surprised by the depth of their feelings so soon given the lack of emotional development on the page.  Readers looking for an exciting, light, happy-ending romance will likely be happy, and I would highly recommend that those individuals read A Loaded Question, but those looking for a deeply developed romance might be disappointed.  

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I read a novel every few days and work with authors through beta reading and editing. My favorite books are “The Ultimatum” by Karen Robards, “Rhapsodic” by Laura Thalassa, “The Body Reader” by Anne Frasier, and “This Will Make you Smarter” edited by John Brockman.


About the author

Danica (DJ) Winters is a Publishers Weekly, Walmart, & Amazon bestselling author who has won multiple awards for writing books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense. Her greatest joy is hearing the worlds she creates have helped provide escape. view profile

Published on January 26, 2021

Published by Harlequin Intrigue

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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