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A Life Derailed: My Journey with ALS


Loved it! 😍

A book of loss and fortitude. A denial, running away, and resistance to truth culminates in an embrace, not of what ails but those who stay.

This book starts slow as you seek to find its purpose and rhythm; however, stick with it, my friends, as a quarter of the way in, you won't be able to put it down. The words shared become hypnotizingly addictive.

It's a dual timeline, where you are enmeshed in the author's past while also catching glimpses of his present and future. There's much to unpack here!

While this book is not necessarily for everyone, it is well done. This book is flawless, from the cover design to this book's synopsis and from the formatting to the edits! That makes it a rare gem among self-published books of any genre. The author's physical body might be in a state of perpetual withering, but this author's body of work is robust, precise, full, and filled out completely.

When faced with a prolonged, agonizing death, what would you do? If you are anything like this author, Nate, at first, you might consider doing your best to outrun it, living a life of obstinate independence; but, in time, you might see that as folly and instead find the good within being cared for. Being cared for is not giving up or giving in, but an acceptance of realizing that extra hands can be helpful and some semblance of independence can be maintained even when independence seemingly has been stripped away.

Even when all motor function has left you, your brain sets you apart; you may feel trapped and unable, but your brain continues to prove you are who you are as a complete, individual being. As trite as it may sound, it's profoundly true, a body is a body, but the person inside makes the man.

While this book is not filled with happiness and joy, it is filled with unflinching candor. It's an eye-opening walk into ALS from the onset of symptoms to the confinement, yet stability, found in a wheelchair. It's an acknowledgment of what has been and will be and discovery of purpose, shared within the epilogue, that will keep this author going and the reader thankful that the author shared so much. A life well lived is a life where you have helped others, and I believe this author has learned how to live well through the writing of this book.

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About the author

Nate has been living with ALS for over ten years. A Life Derailed, an intimate memoir following his path from the start of his symptoms, is his first published work. view profile

Published on June 07, 2022

Published by Onion River Press

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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