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A Killer's Tears


Loved it! 😍

A fast-paced, page-turner with heart. This murder mystery, and hunt for truth, will keep you on the edge of your seat! A sure fire winner.

What price is too much to pay? A mother's silence means her daughter breaths to see another day, laying down her life for the one she loves; however, the daughter's future still hangs in the balance. Is remaining silent the right course to take when her daughter's life is at stake?

A breath-taking read at near break-neck speeds. Love, loss, and stalwart grief create a book of depth and characters you will be rooting for!

Four out of five stars due to some bobbles in regard to typos and a main character's relationship that was incredibly frustrating. The relationship includes a break-up that was not plausible on a timeline that sees it quickly come to an end despite the years invested. Additionally, there were some omissions such as the selection of a jury that was mentioned but then never featured, and the time/death of one of the main characters that was far too predictable.

I would have liked to have read more about the daughter's conditions while being held captive and a deeper dive into the daughter's tears outside of separation from her mom. Kid's are resilient, and although certainly wanting to be reunited with her mother, why was she constantly crying/crying out for her? Was she kept in complete isolation or were her surroundings comfortable? Did the daughter's life follow any type of routine/schedule or did her days just drag endlessly from one into the next? There were a bit too many unknowns that would have been nice to see filled in and rounded out.

Despite the above, I was able to give "A Killer's Tears" four out of five stars because, flaws and all, it's nothing short of intriguing!

The author delivers poignant scenes, sentences worth quoting, and a cast of characters that although large never feels like too much. There are definite moments of brilliance the author should be proud of! I can confidently recommend "A Killer's Tears" to anyone that enjoys murder mysteries, legal thrillers, or a quick who done it akin to books written by James Patterson.

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About the author

John Bae has practiced law in NYC with both national and international law firms for over 30 years. His books are largely based on the myriad of cases he has worked on and the cast of characters he has met during his career. His debut novel "A Killer's Tears" will launch on June 27, 2022 view profile

Published on June 27, 2022

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Legal Thriller

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