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A House on Liberty Street


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More than a crime thriller, this is a story of a man who fights a corrupt system with the help of a few honest and determined friends.

A House on Liberty Street by Neil Turner is a crime thriller that follows the story of Tony Valenti, who breaks every barrier to get his father justice and save his childhood home. 

The story is narrated from the point of view of the protagonist, Tony Valenti. The plot moved with a steady pace in the first half of the book and picked up during the second half when the court proceedings start. The suspense aspect of the story was not overly done, and yet, the story remained interesting as new facts and evidence got discovered. Overall, the plot played a secondary role here as the story was entirely dependent on the characters. The ups and downs were in sync with the character's emotions.

The author has done a fantastic job of creating characters that are so real that this book could have been the story of any of us. My favorite character is definitely Pat, hands down! She is connected with her roots and believes in making her town a better place rather than leave home in search of a better place. The author brilliantly executes Tony's character development. His transformation from being a rash and impulsive person to a responsible and empathetic man is praise-worthy. His inner conflict and emotional turmoil have been captured so beautifully that I had no option but to root for him until the end.

The author vividly describes the setting of the story. He manages to blend the surroundings and the changing seasons into the plot to carry the story forward. The only drawback is that the descriptions sometimes seemed a bit lengthy and unnecessary. That made me skim over a few paragraphs to get back to the story.

The book is professionally edited, and I didn't find any errors. Apart from a few cuss words necessary to maintain the feel of the story, there is no kind of mature content. More than a crime thriller, this is a story of a man who fights a corrupt system with the help of a few honest and determined friends and becomes a ray of hope for people. I highly recommend this book if you like legal thrillers and courtroom dramas.

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The series totals six novels to this point. Various reviewers have labeled the series as one of or some combination of legal, crime, and conspiracy thrillers. Five of the books have appeared on Amazon's 100 Best Seller list for conspiracy thrillers. Neil lives in Ottawa, Canada view profile

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