A Game of Starlight and Secrets


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A story of political intrigue set in a futuristic Roman society chronicling the journey of a rebel figurehead!

The best way to describe A Game of Starlight and Secrets is a sci-fi political thriller that chronicles the rise of the figurehead of a rebellion. This figurehead is Tethia of Valdennes, a lieutenant in the New Roman Army trying to live her life as a somewhat free woman in a society that degrades them until one day she receives terrible news regarding her daughter that she had to give up at birth. Now Tethia needs to save her daughter by going on a journey that will push her to her limits and makes her question who she wants to be.


The main protagonist Tethia is a fine example of a flawed character and probably one of the most human out of all the other characters in this book. She has a life that she wants to live and forget a traumatic time in her past, then reality hits hard when the truth of what became of her daughter comes to light. Unfortunately, what follows is a series of hastily put together plans that needed to be modified and fail at times, it's written in a way that the reader can understand why she has this single-minded approach to her plans. Tethia's motivation for most of the story is to find and save her daughter, displaying the feelings of regret and self-loathing about her choices. Along the way, she realizes there is a battle that needs to be fought and discovers a way to change society for the better.


The aspect of this book that disturbed me was the number of toxic relationships and blatant sexism prevalent in the society Tethia lives in. I do have to warn readers there are some scenes involving physical and domestic violence on Tethia from men in her life, enough to make readers uncomfortable at times.

While this is a stand-alone novel, it felt like an entire trilogy compressed into one book. At times it was compelling to see how the story would play out, while some events felt rushed. However, there were some plot holes and poorly explained points that weren't well covered and likely won't as it appears the novel will remain a stand-alone novel. Still, it was an intriguing story that kept me glued until the very end with the ongoing questions about how it will play out constantly in my mind.

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Published on October 15, 2020

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