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A Curse of Roses


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A Curse of Roses is a gorgeous female-powered fantasy adventure that YA lovers will eat right up

I am a longtime fan of the young adult genre – both as an author and a reader – and young adult fantasy is just about my forte from a writing and reviewing stance. When coming across A Curse of Roses I was first intrigued by the cover (who can blame me!) and the synopsis just sealed the deal. Give me a young adult fantasy with a strong heroine and I’m sunk without any question. And that is just what author Maria B. Moses did.

               A Curse of Roses takes place in a complicated world marked by oppression and segregation. The story follows Lillianett, a member of a Renai family that is cursed and whose members are marked at a certain age. Upon being marked, they are sent to live in another world called Glorus for a year. Lillianett ends up being reckless and saving a prince which puts her in danger but helps her to break free of her isolated life.

               Just the fact that Lillianett - a female heroine - saves a prince, rather than the other way around, had me in love. Pair that with elegant world-building, unambiguous language, and excellent character development and you have A Curse of Roses. A novel which, in my opinion, is a flawless young adult fantasy. This is something that I never say about a novel in my reviews, but A Curse of Roses has earned it. That is just how much this novel has impacted me as a reader and a reviewer. Not only is it excellent for fans of young adult fantasy, but it will also appeal to any fantasy fan out there, regardless of age or genre preference. Just give it a try, I am positive that you will be just as impacted by this story as I have been. 

               I am in awe of Maria B. Moses’ work, and I will be sharing it with everyone I know. She is a bold new voice in her genre, and she deserves all of the praise I am giving her. Pick up A Curse of Roses and settle in for an electrifying trip to a brand-new world. I hope you enjoy your time there.

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Ashley Nestler, MSW is a multi-genre author, poet, bibliotherapist, and mental health specialist. She is an educator on writing and publishing and specializes in fantasy, young adult, and horror. Ashley can be found holed up in her personal library taking down literary quotes and reviewing books.


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Maria Bolanle Moses lives in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Her love for stories and creation started at a young age and has gradually taken over her life. She’s obsessed with mythology, anime, and the performing arts. view profile

Published on December 01, 2021

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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