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Dex is just an ordinary dreamer stuck in a dead-end job. Little does he suspect that competing cosmic forces are fighting furiously behind the scenes *and* that he's about to get himself dragged right into the middle of it... Far above Earthly concerns, Archangels, Arkhonz, and Neterz all vie for ascendancy. Their gathering storm will overturn our whole universe by the time this current Æon ends. Combining Egyptology, Kabbalah, Thelema, and Zoroastrianism (among much else) — A Codex For Gnostics is an epic poem unlike any before it. Relentless wordplay jam-packed with hidden references promises to bemuse even the savviest of readers whilst providing comic relief aplenty!

Prologue: Brax's Brouhaha

Baal Abraxah (Brax for short), was foremost among the Arkhonz who served the Everlasting Presence dwelling at the heart of each galaxy in the zone of Ketheroz. In one such galaxy, the brightness of Brax’s own star rivalled that of the galactic core. They say that it wasn’t long before he started believing that he knew more than the oracular Amoun-Rah, in whom highest Ayn Zoph Aur becomes manifest. Amoun’s purpose is to communicate the ineffable Will of Ayn to finite beings. Ayn’s Endless Presence extends well beyond the relative time and space of a single universe. Brax was but a youngster back then, yet he presumed to comprehend the Megalocosmos better than Amoun. Early on, six other strong Arkhonz (AngrahAzhtaroth, BerythMolokhZhamazh, and Yarykh) sided with Brax and a full fledged insurrection took place. Seeking to direct the evolution of life in the material plane known as Azzyuh, they commandeered the stellar pathways belonging to spatial Nuyth and her daughter Vortexyuh. This was merely for starters though, because soon thereafter those seven Arkhonz established their new law across creation: Heptaparah-Parzhynokh. By virtue of said law, they were able to envelop themselves within the selfsame fabric of reality. Thus it became possible for mortals to call upon them if they understood how to properly use The Octave. Even now as you read this, that Octave holds true. Anyway, let us return to our story.

Having instilled the Law of Seven, the Arkhonz proceeded to raise several large armies in the middling zone of Geburah. In fact, their ranks swelled so much that they even spilled over into the neighbouring zone of Zhezedh. These forces were comprised from a variety of higher-vibration entities than those found on any organic sphere. Namely: Arkturyunz, ancient Blengynz and GlandelynzNorz of Pleydyuh, and Zetaz from both Retykulyh. Their ultimate goal of course, was deposing Amoun off the throne of Ketheroz in order to install Brax there instead. However, since there is no direct route between either Geburah or Zhezedh toward the Sun Absolute at the galactic centre—a dual assault had to be mounted against the twin cities in the secondary zones of Bynah and Zhokmah. It was there that the most epic struggle in all the Megalocosmos came to a head. Houses Bynah and Zhokmah are residences to obscenely powerful Archangels, which only rally to Ketheroz’ call whenever it becomes necessary for them to Etherealize within a given galaxy. They have extensive experience battling throughout the myriad worlds of many star systems. So it was that when the trans-dimensional longships of the Arkhonh alliance approached the gold and silver towers via vortexes Vauh and Zheth these were immediately met by hosts of winged Fravahz and Yazadz, under the expert command of undefeated luminaries best known as Amezhah Zpentaz.

Hundreds of ships were destroyed during the first few moments after arrival. Nevertheless, this turned out to be no straightforward battle. Brax and his allies employed the Sevenfold Law to its utmost degree; manipulating time itself allowed their legions to take out scores of celestial guardians. It was a ferocious conflict that carried nigh unto the front steps of Bynah and Zhokmah alike. The astral and planetary damage wrought by supernal armaments brandished then was enough to leave starry artifacts such as nebulae and quasars for us to behold even at present. Brax’s soldiers from the extrinsic zones clustered into tight phalanxes as they debarked their vessels. Firing beams of accelerated particles to down the angelical paladins of those intrinsic zones, they gained lots of ground versus either Fravahz or Yazadz, before the Amezha Zpentaz decided to intervene. Solar beings born of a superior zone, even the Sevenfold Law could not serve to impede those six glorious Archangels. The three females (AmeretathArmaythyh, and Haurvatath) subdued struggling swarms of Arkturyunz, Blengynz, Glandelynz, Norz, and Zetaz. Kzhathrah Vayryuh, whose name means ‘righteous power’ flexed his mettle against the Arkhonz: Molokh, Zhamazh, and Yarykh. Vohuh-Manah, whose name means ‘splendid mind’ occupied himself with Arkhonz: Angrah, Azhtaroth, and Beryth. Leaving their leader Azhah Vahyzthah whose name means ‘excellent order’ to deal with Brax. Altercations continued at a fever pitch as the two generals squared off somewhere amidst the affray. Azhah and Brax were within Bynah and Zhokmah simultaneously since they possessed the ability to split their Khabz and Khuh. But suddenly those scenes at the foot of each citadel vanished. Then Abraxah and Azhah were alone within a void. Resplendent as the Zohar itself, Azhah Vahyzthah drew his flaming sword and raised an adamantine shield engraved with a balance before he spoke thus wise: “Baal Abraxah—Alpha Arkhonh and Lord of Lucifer’s Aster—I have crossed the paths named Daleth and Gymelh to collapse our Khabz and Khuh back together and bring us down into the shadow zone of Daath. Here by order of Amoun-Rah, Preceptor of Neterz, voice of Ayn, shalt thou be disposed by myself, his mightiest pupil!”

For his part, Brax let drop a spiky sphere of antimatter attached to a hex chain. He also unfurled a whip made of superstring fiber with his left hand. Each contender spread out six wings (Azhah’s bright gossamer; Abraxah’s black feathered) like peacocks about to joust. Then came Brax’s retort:

“Azhah Vahyzthah—Omega Amezhah Zpentah and Champion of Ahurah Mazdah—hast thou forsworn thy true master that ye profess to fight on behalf of Amoun-Rah?” “Lo Baal Abraxah! Ketheroz is home to the most high in all universes including this one. In some my master is Ahurah, while in others ’tis Amoun. At another time thou wert known to me as Ahrymanh, King of Daevaz. Each Macrocosm differs slightly just as a tale changes depending on its teller. Art thou mortal to abide by any appellative quite so fixedly?”

Brax’s shoulders shrugged with laughter, but he said nothing. Springing into action he went after Azhah, wielding morning star and whip in tandem. When the spikes crashed against Azhah’s shield, the antimatter ball imploded and offset the Archangel enough for Brax to lasso half his wings. Nonetheless, Excellent Order didn’t miss a step — he cut through that binding tether with his blazing blade. Defence turned to offence when Azhah pushed back using the balance buckler. Abraxah managed to save himself from a sword strike only by invoking Heptaparah-Parzhynokh. Even then fanning flames did scathe him. Now Azhah Vahyzthah openly teased Brax:

“It is of no use to rely on your paltry law, for its effects are limited within Daath. Surrender or else suffer a summary sentence!”

“I wouldst never capitulate to that smug tyranny of Ketheroz! Prepare yourself Archangel. I have saved the best for last. Behold, the beast called Levyuhthanh comes.”

Surely enough, something massive appeared to rend through the veil of the void: A dragon of unfathomable proportions, whose body was made from all the elements of the material plane. Brax flapped his wings and flew onto the head of this colossus. Swinging his hex chain made the morning star reignite. Thus he charged toward the Amezhah Zpentah once more as Levyuhthanh spewed entropy upon its beastly breath. It was only a matter of time before Azhah’s perfect barrier was worn away beneath that exhalation’s sheer magnitude. Unperturbed when his shield rapidly disintegrated, he undertook evasive manoeuvres, though dodging was not his main aim. Instead, as he zigzagged from point A to Z (and everywhere in between) he left behind a fiery trail singed by his weapon.

Having traversed the seemingly immeasurable length of Levyuhthanh, Azhah Vahyzthah raised his rapier, stabbing into a gaseous cyclone overhead. The seething pentagram, which had just been drawn, started tightening from end to end and constricting Levyuhthanh’s movements. While the drake struggled angrily against that snare, its entire breadth began going up in blazes very fast. Yet it spat out another abysmal expectoration before being burnt to ashes. This projectile was painstakingly deflected by Azhah, leaving him momentarily open to an attack. Brax abandoned his pet beast, lunging at Azhah in a last-ditch attempt to overwhelm the opponent. Those efforts were not in vain because Azhah was still recovering. The antimatter flail found its mark square in the Archangel’s armour, breaking his breastplate and knocking him backward. Rainbow tinted filaments emanated from the inflicted wound! “It hath been remarkably long since last I beheld mine own blessed blood. Such a slight cannot go unanswered. Thy Will be broken Baal Abraxah!” Azhah Vahyztha’s falchion flared anew and its brilliancy blinded Brax for an instant. The Omega Amezhah Zpentah seized this important opportunity to slip that sabre’s pointy tip through the Alpha Arkhonz’ chain mail, piercing his dark heart! The two immortal enemies stood there a little longer than Brax needed to say:

“Be thee cursed, Azhah Vahyzthah! What I hast initiated shalt yet reach its apex. Another wilt arise to avenge me.” Thence with those words, his metaphysical aggregates dissipated from Daath. But of course, he wasn’t actually dead...

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An Anti-Poet (a la Nicanor Parra) Obsidian Eagle has self-published the first two books of his Lunacy Trilogy. He's also writing the third one via: As a literary guerrilla, this author has always written under a pen name because he strongly believes in separating the art from its ar... view profile

Published on January 17, 2019

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