A Child’s Spiritual Journey


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A story of horror at the hands of a mother and the strength that could not be taken away.

Come along with Ernie and listen to his story of strength, hope and discovery in a story so painful you want to reach in and offer your support and wisdom, hoping that there is a good ending to it all. 

Ernie Liverman found strength in opening the doors of the past, reliving the pain through memories, of a horribly abusive childhood and the lonely life he had for so long. When you first start reading this story you want to scream out, “Why didn’t anyone help him?”. It is astonishing that a mother could inflict such pain on a child that she birthed but it did happen, and it was awful. Ernie’s bravery in telling the truth, telling the stories that were buried deep, has helped him lose some of the pain that had been trapped.  

Throughout Ernie’s story you will continue to ask questions about his father and the lack of involvement, or his sister and what she may have endured. You may want to scream at Ernie to take some of the help that was offered to him, to tell him to go back and take that chance just to see what would happen. Obviously, going back cannot happen but he has taken a chance by putting it all down on paper and freeing his mind. It has been therapeutic and has its own healing power. 

I give this story five out of five stars for its honest synopsis Liverman presents without leading the reader toward a shocking halt. The horrors he speaks of are awful but the feeling of power and hope he emulates through each page of his story is full of light and ambition; a need to survive. This is a must read for anyone who has ever felt alone or mistreated, or for those who work with children that might need help reaching out, exposing the truth, and living a healthy and happy life.   

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I am a writer, artist, and retired special education teacher with certification in school administration. I currently blog on a daily basis. As of today, my total number of followers is over 2200, having started my blog around September 2019. I review books as often as I can and build miniatures.

The Scars

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I'm a 71 year old retired automotive business owner. I retired in Oct, 2020 due to cancer. I'm a victim of unimaginable abuse and pain as a child.After my 2nd divorce I started therapy to recover from child abuse. I wrote a journal while in therapy and with encouragement I wrote my book to heal. view profile

Published on April 28, 2021

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