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40 Weird Facts


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Readers aged eight and up are sure to find something compelling in this story and will enjoy returning to it again and again.

The universe is filled with weird and unusual things, many of which are examined inside this equally strange book. Though the title suggests there are only forty weird facts in this story, readers will find many more tucked inside each page. From tiny ants and fleas to giant prehistoric ducks, readers will be fascinated by the many facts presented in this story.

Written for an older elementary school audience, this book nonetheless will appeal to older readers, as well. The text includes three sections on each page: a title, a subtitle, and some descriptive paragraphs. Each title grabs readers’ attention by providing a tantalizing tidbit or phrase, is elaborated on using a few more words beneath, and then is described in more detail in paragraphs of smaller text. Finally, each page of text ends with an ingredients list of fruits and vegetables used to create the unique and memorable image corresponding with that entry.

Readers will love examining the unforgettable illustrations in this story. Created by taking photographs of fruits and vegetables in particular and modified in Photoshop, these vibrant and colorful images give readers a whimsical look into the weird universe through an unexpected lens. Common foods like avocados and pears are found along with rarer items like rambutans and Buddha’s hand fruit. The ingredients lists will inspire readers to look closely at each image to see if they can determine which object has been used and where.

Beginning with the animal world and progressing to weird human attributes and ultimately concluding with a look at the grander universe, readers of all ages will appreciate the breadth of interesting facts found in this book. They will readily share captivating new pieces of information with friends and family as they go through this book. No table of contents is provided, but readers can go through the story in any order as each spread features only one item.

Readers aged eight and up are sure to find something compelling in this story and will enjoy returning to it again and again.

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40 Weird Facts is an essential handbook for all ages that can help change awkward silences into compelling conversations, transforming you into a witty and educated genius in any social situation. Both children AND adults will love the witty descriptions and the captivating illustrations, while learning some fascinating facts at the same time.

Did you know that seahorses are the slowest fish in the ocean? Or that male mice serenade females by singing? Or that some people have an irrational fear of ducks?

And who knew that…
• The weight of all ants equals the weight of all humans?
• Some people have a fear of ducks?
• There is a breed of domestic goat that faints when scared?

The collection has been illustrated with creatures created from fruit and vegetables. Now that’s WEIRD!

For those who like to exercise the left AND right sides of the brain, this combination of facts and art is the perfect catalyst. In this collection of funny facts, our crazy world is re-told and beautifully illustrated by Sydney artist, Carrie Webster.

About the author

Carrie Webster is an artist and photographer. She is often seen around her home photographing things like fruits and vegetables. She can then be seen at her computer using Photoshop to transform these objects into magical characters set in whimsical photographic landscapes. view profile

Published on February 27, 2021

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