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165 Ridiculously Absurd Questions and Statements: Creating Laughter and Fun Moments with Yourself and Others


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With slightly over twenty pages and containing a whole lot of comedy, I highly recommend this book!

165 Ridiculously Absurd Questions and Statements Creating Laughter and Fun Moments with Yourself and Others offers brief comedic items that may be statements, questions, or a mixture of both. 

Some of J.T. Newcomb's statements were quite amusing. For instance, number twelve, "If I woke up one day with actual octopus tentacles instead of arms, I would wonder why I only had two and not the usual eight." I'm unsure if I wonder or ponder the number so much as I would freak out that I now have tentacles. On number 13, the author wrote, "If your name is Jim and you promote going to the gym, wouldn't people think you're a bit bias?" The author was not suggesting naming a gym "Jim," but I thought it was a funny coincidence I recently had a discussion about homophones and these particular words.

Number twenty-seven states, "Sharks are mean." Maybe they are just hangry. I would suggest offering them a Snickers, but I doubt that'll fix their issue. Plus, do you want to get your hand that close to a shark's mouth? 

Do you love dad jokes or puns? Check out number thirty-three! "If you're a food reviewer writing about a dish comprised of ground beef and okra called Meaty Okra, be careful when describing it as mediocre." By the way, I shared it with my husband, who laughed; therefore, this has earned the "dad" stamp of approval. 

So many statements and questions had me rolling my eyes because they were so ridiculous. Which was great; I loved their silliness! The whale and pizza incident, catfishing and cat fishing, shampooing a pigeon, and many more. And to answer the sloth question (#109), yes, it would! (Read the book for the question.)

From a design point of view, I would suggest adding a space or two after each number. Some have the space and so don't. Also, some readers might like a few images because the inside contents do look a bit plain. 

165 Ridiculously Absurd Questions and Statements Creating Laughter and Fun Moments with Yourself and Others is slightly over twenty pages and contains a whole lot of comedy, making this a book I highly recommend! Perfect for the entire family! 

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J.T. Newcomb has had a long history of comedic focus such as in writing songs like the "Good Ol' Days in the Amniotic Sac" and a song about how cheap rent would be if the roaches paid their share. He's done stand up comedy and now translates his absurdist style to a book for the first time. view profile

Published on September 27, 2022

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