101 Facts About Ancient Civilizations


Worth reading 😎

Good resource for self-education paths or homeschooling with info and questions to help direct you.

I love history and new facts about the past. Needless to say, this book got my attention.

This is a very quick read unless you are taking this book paragraph by paragraph. Just reading it, you can finish this after your second cup of coffee if you read as fast as me and drink as slow as I do. It is directly to the point which can be good or bad.

Good short - For anyone who hates a drawn out read, this is perfect. Gets to the highlights of each civilization and doesn't mess around with filler material.

Bad short - Some things are just mentioned and barely expanded on. This can be bad if you want to get all the info in this read. It can be seen as good if you use it more as a launching pad to continue your education instead of a foundation of it.

I saw several topics that were glossed over, but the author points out that this is just a snapshot of the history of that era. My suggestion would be to use this to guide you toward the topics you can research more on and get a wide view of the time period.

Ancient Greece is not addressed. That was the disappointing part of this. In my college classes, we discussed Ancient Greece when we studied Ancient Civilizations. Also, the Persians were lumped in with the other Mesopotamia cultures, but they became force to be reckoned with on their own. I think the author narrowed the focus too much.

If you get frustrated with punctuation you might find an issue with this. The semi-colon was used incorrectly multiple times, and there were several sentences that could have been tightened up a bit. I was confused as to the audience as at times the author wrote as if the audience was high schoolers or order and then wrote at a middle-grade level.


I do see this as a valuable tool to use in an education environment but more as a hub to direct you in areas to study deeper.

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Mesopotamia The Land of Many Firsts

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