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100 Days to Self-Love


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No matter what your struggle is that prevents you from loving yourself, this devotional is for you.

Author Rebecca Coppage understands the struggle to love yourself. She has struggled with an eating disorder for many years and wants to encourage others who may be struggling. 100 Days to Self-Love is a devotional book for learning to find peace and acceptance with your body.

The author states in the introduction “Maybe you’ve struggled with negative self-image and lack of confidence, or have resorted to restrictive dieting, bingeing and purging, overexercising, or other self-harming behaviors. Maybe you just have some disordered eating, or perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder. No matter where you fall on the self-love spectrum, this devotional is for you.” I would agree with this statement. Most ladies struggle with self-image, in one way or another. We are quick to point out our flaws and brush away compliments that others might pay to us. We are also quick to knock down others, instead of building them up, mostly due to our own insecurities.  

This book is divided into five sections, with devotionals related to the section heading. The first part is “Accepting your past and embracing your story is the first step to self-love.” Each day starts with a short title, followed by a Bible verse or motivational quote that is designed to get you thinking. After that is a short devotional relating to the day’s topic. Each day can easily be read in five minutes or less.

The cover of 100 Days to Self-Love is beautifully designed and I enjoyed reading this devotional. I was originally taken off guard when I realized that not each day started with a Bible verse because that is what I was expecting from a devotional book. However, the motivational quotes also work well for daily devotionals. I found this quote profoundly fitting: “When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than it ever did with you… you learn grace.”-Author unknown.  

One thing that I did not like about this book is that it did not have a table of contents. To me, that was a little weird. Also, I would have liked the book to go a little bit deeper, but overall, I really enjoyed this devotional.  

I would highly recommend this devotional to all ladies. Women are notorious for struggling with their body image. This starts early on, with most women as they hit their teen years, and follows them until well into adulthood as they struggle to figure out who they are. This book is suited for single ladies and married ladies alike. This book would make a great gift idea for young teens and adults as well. It is one that will be read again and again.

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Day 1 What Is Self-Love?

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Rebecca Glenski Coppage has been battling an eating disorder since the age of 12. She has made tremendous strides and wants to help others who are struggling. She credits God and her family with adding great joy to her life. view profile

Published on January 15, 2021

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