Victor Paul Scerri

Victor Paul Scerri

Porto Santo an island of the Madeira archipelago

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Author: Victor Paul Scerri Biography Author retired entrepreneur; Victor Paul Scerri received the Norwegian cultural award for his efforts in restoring a fourteen century wine cellar. He studied at the Medway College of Art where he achieved a seconded place in a precious award-winning oil painting competition in Great Britain. During his third and final year, his teacher told him that a camera could produce the same results. Failing to understand he left never to return. Thus, his ambitious dream to paint and one day, teach was a memory. That is until he met his spouse, and traveled to see her country—Japan. They rented an apartment situated at Roppongi Hills Tokyo, for nine months. During their stay, she introduced him to haiku poetry, Zen Calligraphy, arts and crafts and her cultural traits. He touched upon a method of painting – and possible lost secret – producing two images with his eyes closed, predicting an Ape and a monkey. Scerri took early retirement, and chose to put pen to paper. Without ado, he enrolled as a student at the and two years later earned his craft toolbox. He moved his address from Norway to Spain, but the heat during the summer and the cold winter mornings and evenings +++, gave a reason to search the globe and happened upon Madeira Portugal. Madeira has a stable climate all round; warm waters, minimum crime, excellent food, in an atmosphere of lay back friendly environment. His first works as a writer and artist were published by: Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing. In recognition of his art exhibits, one of his Zen paintings was chosen for a cover design for the 7th issue of their quarterly journal (April 2011). There are twenty calligraphy paintings in all on hand made scrolls. Two of the pictures are painted blind - a mental image and can be taught.

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