Julie Trelstad

Julie Trelstad - Marketer

New York, NY, United States

Julie Ink helps professional authors grow their businesses through digital marketing savvy with websites and coaching.

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Our website services include creating site architecture and structure, producing content and importing existing content, securing new domain names and emails or connecting those that already exist, launching your site, and providing you with a cohesive set of instructions for basic updates and content management. The result is a fast and beautiful website that you can control that serves your specific literary needs.

Your website is one piece of a broader, well-aligned strategy to bring your work to market. In addition to building and launching your site, we'll help you seamlessly integrate email and social media into the design to save you time and streamline your digital efforts.

We'll optimize your site from the start to ensure that readers can find you online, engage in the community you're building, and purchase your book. Search engine optimization tools include statistics that provide you with feedback on the web traffic coming to your site.

Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management
Self-help & Self-improvement
Children's - Middle Grade
Women's Fiction
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Work experience

Creative Director

February, 2017 – Present (about 2 years)

I started Julie Ink to help authors bridge the gap between being a writer and running a successful business.
Being your own advocate is part of being a professional writer. This can be uncomfortable for some, but authors who make the effort to market themselves have an undeniable advantage over those who don’t.

In a career that includes years as an acquisitions editor, publisher, and director of digital rights at Writers House, I’ve helped hundreds of authors bring their books to market. In working with authors, one theme has emerged: building an engaged audience requires consistent and strategic effort.

What publishers do well is sell your books to bookstores and get them into libraries. What they don’t do as well is sell books directly to your specific readers. So it’s up to you to increase your visibility and guarantee that your fans will buy every book you write.

This is where I can help.

I’ve developed a series of tools and processes to help you gain confidence in your message, find your readers, convey your unique brand, painlessly set up your online presence, and have fun doing it.

Director Digital Rights

Writers House
July, 2013 – February, 2017 (over 3 years)

At Writers House, I helped authors navigate the sea of digital marketing, creating websites, setting social strategy, and directing agency-wide digital publishing initiatives.

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