Tom Diamond

Tom Diamond

Cleveland, OH, United States

I am a firefighter in Cleveland, Ohio and a real estate broker developing an inner city neighborhood. I live in the inner city.

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I am a man who lives a very unusual lifestyle and I really think I need to write fiction. I have always wanted to be a writer since graduating college with a degree in literature. My life took me away from teaching by force so, In later years, I turned down law school to be a firefighter since there would be days off that I could write. I started writing soon thereafter.

The next 20 years brought a never ending stream of tragedy to my life as well as many a great victory and in the end, till now, there are just the remnants of my life in my memories.
I know everyone thinks there is a story in them. We are told that. But is there an interesting story in them and, if so, the skills necessary bring out that story and if the story is brought out?......Is it worth reading?

Last Thursday I was doing CPR on a 25-year-old who had just had the back of his head blown out by one shot through the back of his car window. One perfect, but fatal and terribly violent shot. A few hours later I was off of my job as a firefighter and negotiating a large commercial real estate transaction for my company. After the negotiation, I went to a party on Cleveland's Edgewater Beach. I have seen people die at that beach in my hands. But today was for fun and I didn't even think about it.

I do think I have stories to tell. I think I can tell them and people will read them. But the desire to write the stories whether they are ever read or not still needs to be quenched just as much as the desire to buy drugs haunts the gut of a heroin addict. I am addicted. I need the fix. So here I am.

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