Tiziana Tursi

Tiziana Tursi - Translator


I'm a translator and and interpreter who's ventured into the enthralling realm of literary translation - I translated 100 books into Italian

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An eager reader with itchy feet and a knack for languages,I sort of had a pre-set path. After my formal training in translation and interpretation in English and French I landed a job as a freelancer with an intergovernmental organisation and earned my degree in foreign languages and literature in the process. I pursued my career as a freelance in the automotive sector for a couple of years. In the meantime I had ventured into the enthralling realm of literary translation and soon had a few published and credited translations under my belt.

Over the years, I’ve been farmed out all sorts of translation jobs, from down-to-earth engineering projects and legal mumbo jumbo to love-drenched romance and political hurly-burly. I’ve dealt with nit-picking editors, “I-Could-Do-This-Myself” executives, fast-paced mumbling speakers and control freaks and I’ve learned how to save my sanity. Turning my lifelong love affair with words into a full-time job was not exactly a piece of cake. But one thing’s for sure: I’ve enjoyed the ride, and still do.

20-year plus in the industry
100 books translated into Italian and published as a paperback and eBook
Thousands of pages of technical text translated from English and French
1500 days of conference interpreting
AIIC (The International Association of Conference Interpreters)membership

Book Translation
Translation Assessment
English to Italian
Historical Fiction
Short Story
Women's Fiction

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