Thea Magerand

Thea Magerand - Designer

Saint-Firmin, France

I bring to life epic characters, dark creatures, horror monsters and fantasy worlds. Cyberpunk and videogames nerd. Master Monster Maker.

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**Now booking into March 2022**

Hey there! First of all, thanks for stopping by and taking a few moments to read about me.
While there are many things to be said about careers and skills, one in particular stands out for me as the most important aspect: I love art. I always have, and always will.

Because I have always been a huge sci-fi, fantasy and horror nerd, it came as no surprise that these were the things I loved to draw most.
There's nothing more satisfying than creating a weird creature or character, than bringing to life some old forgotten Norse god or strange faerie, or designing a lonely cyborg about to become sentient. I absolutely love drawing characters and concept art, and creating new worlds with my tablet or my pencil!
Being also an avid videogamer I have a vast knowledge and reservoir of game lore that has often proved to be a great resource in the LitRPG genre.

And it is precisely because we share this world-building trait in common, me as an artist, and you as an author, I believe we'll do magic together. Pun intended!

As for the design process, the key word is: communication. We'll be in touch constantly via messages and emails, and we'll have a really constant back and forth of ideas / feedback.

My skills range from concept art game style to realistic illustrations, so if you require a particular style, just let me know and I will be happy to show you what I think would be best for you in terms of style. You can see examples of my drawings and illustrations below in my portfolio - I mostly use a combination of freehand drawing, digital painting and photobashing to achieve a matte painting result that veers towards realism / hyperrealism.

I provide illustration for covers, book interiors, as well as posters (Who doesn't love to see their rogue astronaut character flashing his smoking gun in a big, glossy, eye catching poster?) - usually the cover package containing the ebook + print + 3D mockups starts at around 750 USD.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions or clarify anything you might have in mind, so if you like my style and artwork, just drop me a line and let's create something beautiful together!

Epic Fantasy
Gaming & LitRPG
Space Opera
Young Adult Fantasy

Work experience

Concept Artist & Illustrator

February, 2014 – Present (almost 8 years)

Book cover design and book illustration, board and card games character design and conception, sci-fi, fantasy and horror posters design, creature design

Portfolio (35 selected works)

Kingdom of Nyte (Nyte Series)

Cainlocke, Alexandria

The Fort: Worldsend Garrison Book 1

Krix, M.D., Nicolescu, Thea

The Mighty Ven Devar

Foote, Quinton A.

Darkwolf: The Birth of a Hero

Abker, John, M, Thea

The Ship

Brode, Doug

Burning Rose

LaVan, Lyndsey

The Invasion: Worldsend Garrison Book 3

Krix, M.D., Nicolescu, Thea


Sparrows, Kate

Synodic Corruption

Ruxer, Luna

A Phoenix Rises

Yeh, Angela

The Rise: Worldsend Garrison Book 2

Krix, M.D., Nicolescu, Thea

Isle of Dragons

Thompson, L. A., Nicolescu, Thea, Harris, Pam Elise, Lewis, Tara, Rees, Jennifer

Miram Dur: An epic fantasy tale (Miram Dur Saga Book 1)

Holland, George, Nicolescu, Thea, Odgers, Michelle

We Who Burn

Walther, Merethe

Curse of the Fallen

Newell, H.C.

Ashes Rose

Lavan, Lyndsey


Powell, Timothy

Thea has 86 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Ashley Collins
Really happy with the final piece. Thea listened to what I wanted and was able to create something from there and didn’t stop until it was just what I wanted. Looking forward to working with her again.

Ashley Collins, December 2021

Laney Page

Laney Page, November 2021

John Miatech
Thea is an enthusiastic and wonderful artist and person to work with. Fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian, and full of energy, she is an excellent collaborator. Thea keeps in good contact, ensuring smooth progress throughout your project. I have been so happy working with her, and I highly recommend her.

John Miatech, November 2021

scott lear
Thea was fantastic to work with! She had me complete a worksheet before beginning providing prompts for what I was looking for. This really helped me flesh out my ideas. Her art is amazing and it was amazing to see how she took my written ideas and brought them to life. Thea was extremely responsive and her communication was fantastic. I really enjoyed working together! Thanks Thea!

scott lear, November 2021

James Mitchell
Always fantastic work! Of you need art, this is the artist u should talk to!

James Mitchell, November 2021

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