Tabitha Naylor

Tabitha Naylor - Marketer

Tampa, FL

My passion for marketing finds its roots not only in my accreditation's but also in the application of this acumen in my own business.

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Seasoned sales and marketing pro with over 15 years of experience, who not only appreciates the importance of good marketing... but can deliver it as well.


  • Google PPC
  • Advanced Social Networking Certification (from the eMarketing Association)
  • Inbound Marketing Certification, with Honors Distinction (from Hubspot)
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization (from Digital Marketer)
  • Paid Traffic & Acquisition Mastery (from Digital Marketer)
  • Social & Community Management (from Digital Marketer)
  • Marketing Analytics & Data Science (from Digital Marketer)
  • Content Marketing Mastery (from Digital Marketer)
  • Email Marketing & List Building Mastery (from Digital Marketer)
  • Search Marketing Mastery (from Digital Marketer)
  • Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization (from Digital Marketer)

Work experience

Freelance Marketing Consultant

October, 2009 – Present (almost 9 years)

My Objective: to develop and implement marketing campaigns that are effective, ethical and deliver positive ROI for my clients.

I am a qualified, experienced and enthusiastic sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience working with businesses ranging from small mom-and-pop shops through publicly-traded, household names. My passion for marketing excellence finds its roots not only in my accreditation's but also in the application of this acumen in my own business. This has rendered me a success to both myself and my clients. I appreciate the importance of high quality marketing and I deliver my services meticulously and comfortably.

My services comprise every facet of Marketing Consulting; I thoroughly assess the current inbound and outbound marketing procedures of an organization and provide comprehensive solutions that increase brand awareness, quality leads and sales revenue, while enhancing ROI on their marketing efforts.

I pride myself on being approachable, flexible, detail-oriented and results-driven. I enjoy the work that I do and I believe this marries well with my work ethic to produce high quality deliverables that actually generate the one thing all business owners need... results.

Specialties: marketing, business development, sales, branding, public relations, SEO, copywriting, blogging, web design, web development, mobile marketing, newsletters, video

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