Joanne Sprott

Joanne Sprott - Web Developer

Elkton, OR, USA

I can help you build your web presence on WordPress. I am a tutorial queen and troubleshooting master. I'd love to empower you!

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I started out as a book indexer and editor. I am now taking that 25 years of publishing industry knowledge and translating it into a different way of helping authors succeed: website design. My goal is to help you give your signature creative energy a public face that will attract your perfect audience to your writing. Would you rather collaborate fully in your website presentation or just give your vision to a coding geek who doesn't understand your creative work? I understand where you as an author are coming from. Let's have fun creating or fixing your site together!
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January, 2017 – Present (over 3 years)

I began in 2015 with my own personal and editorial services websites on WordPress and have been honing my skills and helping publishing professionals and personal coaches with their sites since. In 2017 I officially launched my site design business. I specialize in tutoring folks to take care of their own sites (although I can do it for you if you like!) and troubleshooting for independent sole proprietors to solve those nagging issues that technology always seems to generate. I'd love to help you with a cleaner and more updated design or to solve a nagging problem with your site!


City of Elkton, Oregon

I've been having fun with brick-and-mortar businesses and organizations in my hometown, along with my purely online client work. Our little town on the road from the interstate to the recreation areas on the Oregon coast definitely needed an update to their WordPress website from way back in 2014 (it doesn't take long for a website to age). I helped with a home page and logo refresh, as well as re-organizing and adding appealing images to their business directory and other pages. We kept the original theme, but made sure it got updated to fix some technical issues that had come up. This was a great project to do troubleshooting and redesign at the same time.

Massage Central

Carol Duncan and I worked together on a new website to go with the restart of her massage business. I began with recommendations for a WordPress site, but ultimately lent my expertise to laying out content on a page builder site that came with her professional organization membership. Although these sites are often limited in layout options, they are also simple and easy for clients to use. I contributed my expertise in adding images and including simple table displays for her service packages to complement the basic theme provided by the organization.

Shine On Editorial

I worked with indexer and proofreader Jessica Freeman on a pure collaboration project. I provided the Genesis Breakthrough Pro theme and several tutorials on working in WordPress, and she filled in the content and added portfolio projects on her own. Not all clients want to do this much DIY, but I support whatever level of direct control the client is interested in. Jessica and I worked together to build a clean, small-scale site for her business.

Potomac Indexing, LLC

I used the Breakthrough Pro theme from Genesis to update this small publishing services and information access company's website. They provide book indexing, copyediting, proofreading, and digital taxonomy services.

Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI)

I used the Genesis Showcase Pro theme to manage all the services that this professional association provides its members and to publicize the organization in order to promote this supportive Tarot community and its vibrant blog.